Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Track - Not So Much

Waited for Melissa to get home and we went to the track.  It was windy.  I ran a mile warmup then proceeded to start my 800m repeats.  I ran a 400m lap and said screw it. The wind, it was getting dark, dodging people and basically my heart was not in it so I decided to bail.

Ended up running another three miles with Melissa around the track and talking.  I think that I got a lot more out of that than if I did repeats.  Followed that up with a great dinner at Saigon Grill. 

Today may be the last day of decent weather for the week.  Tomorrow isn't supposed to be that cold but windy again.  I'll definitely run the Canyon tomorrow after work to pay penance for today then I will hit the track for 200's on Thursday.

That's really about all of it... After so many hard Tuesday workouts the past several weeks, I'm not going to sweat it...

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