Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Week's Numbers

Just for S's and G's, here are last weeks numbers.

Total Training Time:  15:12. One hour stationary bike. 7:46 cycling and 6:25 riding.
Total distance including riding and running: 75:83 miles. 41:31 miles cycling, 34.53 miles running.
Elevation gains in feet: Cycling, 10,605.  Running, 5,219.
Weight... 148.

I thought a lot last night about yesterday's ride and how it took a chunk out of me but I have to admit that in the final analysis I am pretty damned happy with myself.  The last time I did this ride, I did about 14 miles less of it and to be honest, I was 26 I think.  So despite the hours of abuse out there by myself yesterday I think in the big scheme of things I did pretty damned good.

All of this led me to another train of thought.  I really don't have any concept of what a normal 44 year old American male's average fitness level is.  Period.  All of my friends are way faster and mostly younger so that is my baseline for comparison.  So that is skewed.   I think I spend a lot of time thinking that I perform sub-par when in fact I don't.  Maybe.

I would really like to find the avg. fitness stats for Americans though.  Could be interesting.

Then I thought about attempting Leadman.  Well, that just ain't normal you know?  It is not like I got the bright idea one day while sitting on the couch while my arm was elbow deep in a bag of Doritos watching bowling on ESPN Ocho... No. At the root level this is something that I have calculated as doable and with some hard work and effort and is definitely achievable.  It is going to be awesome!

Bottom line... things are a lot better than I tend to believe a lot of times and I need to be more grateful of that a lot more often than I am.

Worse comes to worse.. at least I am not following this path regardless of how slow I am!

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