Monday, October 15, 2012

A Mixed Bag

The weekend was a complete mix of the good and the bad... not much in between.

Melissa left Saturday morning... bad.
Cut myself shaving.  TWICE!  -  bad.
Talked to my new coach about Leadman next year Saturday morning... good.
Went and got my Trek Superfly racing bike... good.
Tipped the hell over on the Supefly Saturday night playing on the bike when I didn't get my feet unclipped... bad. (But funny as hell  because I was laughing.)

Fall Series II Sunday morning... bad.  It hurt.
I was seven lbs lighter for FSII than I was for FS I.  Good!
Went to Kings Chef for lunch...  good but probably bad for me overall.
50 mile bike ride... Good!

Kinda really bummed this weekend to be honest.  Melissa's short turn-around between trips was tough.  We barely had enough time to get her unpacked, laundry done and packed up again and out the door which left precious little time for hanging out.  I have to admit though, as crazy as it sounds we both enjoyed sitting on the couch together during the VP debate (with the TV muted) and being together and working on some projects together.  That was our first "couch time" together in months!

Fall Series II didn't go exactly as planned.  I just couldn't execute when the time came.  It is sort of discouraging but as I have figured out, this year the Fall Series is just a set of stepping stones on my way to my bigger goal in November.  I have to say though of all the years I have done FSII the rope climb was the best this year... well; until the asshole standing on the rope at the top stepped off of it when I was two feet from the rim causing me to slip down a few feet rather unexpectedly... now that sort of pissed me off. 

Now for the craziest news of all... Rocky Racoon is FULL!  Full!  What does that mean?  I registered for that race last November 18 and more than a month earlier this year it is completely full?  It will be interesting to see what happens down there for the 2013 race compared to 2012.  Typically RR1000 has a 85% finisher rate, last year it was 58%.  I wonder now how quickly other races will fill up now?  Leadville, etc? Didn't Leadville have a higher DNF rate this year too than normal?

Using the HRM for my Garmin now.  Interesting to say the least. 

Probably the best rendition of Pearl Jam's Black from their 2006 concert in Vienna.

Not sure if this is before or after whoever was standing on the rope stepped off and I yelled the F-word.


  1. Good - inspiring other people to work out and better their lives.

  2. Thanks Drew... I hope that I do.