Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Series I

Well that one is over thankfully.  I really don't have a lot to say about it but I am disappointed.  Nothing went wrong per se, but it definitely did not play out like anticipated.  I can't fault my running level of effort as it was all there but it just wasn't fast or as fast as I wanted.

My Garmin called it 3.89 miles, total time 33:24.  The first two miles were going great at 14:18 for those two miles but it was the next .7 miles in the creek that sunk me and took 9:20 to get through.  The next 1.19 miles were not bad especially considering how tired my legs were from the creek.  (They are still sore.) But it still wasn't great.

So I am definitely in a hole.  I placed 106th overall, 98th in the men's division and 19/39 in my age group.  Speaking of age groups... my 40-44 group is freaking stacked with a lot of great talent in the younger section of the band... Let me put it this way... it is so bad that I almost look forward to being 45 for next year's fall season to have a chance.  Anyway...

Went to Kings Chef after the race and chowed down.  Call it a last supper if you will because as of today it is back to tracking the diet in earnest.  Two seconds per mile per pound definitely adds up when you are ten pounds over where you would like to be.

But overall the week was not bad.  I got to see Annie twice, once in FOCO and she was down here for the weekend.  Melissa comes home late tonight  for a 20 hour turnaround so I am definitely looking forward to that. 

Incline tonight, track tomorrow... start looking forward to the FSII at Bear Creek Park.  Hopefully I can drop about ten pounds between then and now.   Hopefully.

Me in center frame, green/greyish shirt. The only two words I think that can describe this are "no bueno."  Photo from Pikes Peaks Sports.

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