Sunday, June 30, 2013

And so it begins...

Leadman race number one, the Leadville Trail Marathon was yesterday.  Missed my A goal by about six minutes but at the same time bested my previous time on the course by 30 minutes so all in all a win.  5:06:01

A great day... perfect execution and I can not really say anything negative or throw in any "I should haves."

Things that worked... Wore the HRM the first ten miles and even though I was running a little hot the first few miles according to my heart rate, my perceived effort was comfortable and reasonable and at the point that I didn't have any fears of the CM50K experience (blowup) repeating itself.

Hokas... enough said.

Fueling/hydration/electrolytes... I ditched the SaltStick caps earlier in the year pretty much altogether and have done very well (meaning I don't puke a lot anymore.. at all) without them so they were NOT part of the plan yesterday.  My Carbopro-Gatorade mix is the shit... I have an orange concoction and Lemon-Lime mix that I have brewed up... works great, tastes great and even warm it is not nasty unlike Heed or Perpetuem.  Also I don't have to worry about any surprises from a rancid batch of Heed anymore. Chocolate and orange Gu gels.. one per hour to keep the calories in addition to the mix again, worked perfectly.  To top it all I used MAP though most the race and then aftewards to help recovery... nice.

Last night did a Power Line to MQ hike with Swamp and Kiki and we had a blast.  It was a great low pressure non-goal-oriented outing with the only purpose of loosening up and experiencing that part of the course at night, and somewhat tired.  And for me who has been so socially isolated training the past few months, anytime I get to hang out with fellow aspiring persons of lead is a real treat for me. 

This next week is all about relaxing and recovering more and working on the bike.  Lisa and I are going to do an easy ride today and then he next few days the rides increase in intensity and duration.  Friday will be the big day, riding from the start of the LT100 MTBR course to Twin Lakes with Kiki in sort of time trial fashion to see what I can do and then we are going to take a break and to a recon ride up to Columbine and down.  It is vacation time.

Coming into the finish.  It was cool to hear the announcer call me by name and throw in that I am doing Leadman.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Glad it was shot down.  I think the hardest thing in this world is to find someone to love and who loves you back you can tolerate and put up with your shit and vice versa...  regardless of gender.  God bless.

This will not be the demise of our country...  Move on.  We still have war, unemployment, energy, homeless, and the Kardashian problem to solve...

Grace Slick said it best.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

72 Hours

Actually less than that until the race.  Taper is going well.  I am resting, fueling, eating (trying to keep that one under control) and really bouncing back.  I know it is going well because I am feeling more energetic.   I've never understood this really but I tend to get way more opinionated and communicative in regards to those opinions in the days leading up to race if the taper is going well. 

Super easy light runs this week on out.  I have to start packing today.  It will be obscene the amount of shit that we take up there but for ten days of camping, running a marathon, and a week of bike riding and training... well there will be a lot of stuff.

Looks like WS100 is going to be hot.  Good luck to our local runners, Steve, Dan and Brandon who are representing the home team.  Bring home those buckles.

I only have two wishes left now...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad Lines And Good Lines

One of the hardest things about learning how to mountain bike again besides just learning to ride a bike with the intent of going fast has been remastering the technical skills that I lost many years ago or hell, I might have never had.

Last fall I could not ride anything that was loose really, uphill or downhill and struggled even on flat stuff.  Blind curves?  I'd be off the bike. Back tire start spinning?  I am off the bike pushing.  Often times even if the front wheel would deviate just slightest bit from my intended path I would completely freeze up and fail to function... I'd freak out and be off of the bike.  I can't tell you how many times I went over at low speed uphill because I could not get unclipped fast enough. Low speed spills are the worse.

So I have had to learn a lot.  I've had to learn to trust the trail.  I've had to learn to trust the bike.  Trust the tires and traction even if I don't think the tires will bite; more than often they do.  And I guess to a large extent... trust myself and teach myself how to relax.

Well the best way for me to get better at the technical stuff has been to just get out and ride it.  Also talking to friends like Tony Sadzewicz (Annie's Godfather) who has forgotten more about mountain biking than I will ever learn has helped.  It helps to know that some of the things I struggle with (like deep sand) gives lots of other people fits too.

Improving my technical skills has been a slow but steady process.  A lot of it came through the winter in bits and pieces just because of the nasty shit I had to ride because it was winter.  As the weather  has warmed up I have found myself venturing more and more onto loose, unpredictable and often rocky single track.  A little here... a little there... as more time has worn on I have found myself being able to ride up AND down stuff that I for certain would have bit it on last fall when I first got the Superfly. 

And even though yesterday was to be a day off I went over to Ute Valley Park and just practiced on the more challenging (well for me at least) trails over there.  It is also a good place to ride and to see exactly where your limits are as well. There are things there I hope to be riding down by the end of the year maybe but for now are better left alone.  What has been obvious though lately and yesterday was that I am getting to the point where I don't have to be in the perfect line to ride up or down something.  I can be out of bounds a bit and then recover.  THAT has been a huge boost to my confidence.  Knowing that I can handle and survive a bad line?  That is pretty cool.

Even in this morning's workout over in Red Rocks on the hill repeats sometimes I found myself going up and not always exactly where I was intending to be.   Grinding away with the heart rate north of 160 I tend to forget to do certain things, like think... keep my eyes open and pay attention so I do often veer off course... but I was always able to recover even if I ended up in a bad line.

This morning's workout was awesome by the way.  I wanted to get out early before the heat, the wind and smoke all moved in today.  Red Rocks that early in the morning is quiet and it was the first time I have ridden there in ages that the damn wind was not ripping out of the south at 30 miles per hour.  Basically I rode over there, then did 4x2:00 repeats with a 3:00 RBI on the Lions Back.  After my last repeat I just popped it into granny gear and rode real easy to the top ridge to recover.

I was feeling pretty good... workout is pretty much done... the morning light is pretty awesome.  It is quiet and I haven't seen a soul all morning.  The moon is still up and setting in the west.  Just one of those absolutely wonderful Colorado mornings in the summertime.  Except I have to take a whiz.

So for the moment my ultrarunner comes out along with another relevant piece of anatomy and it was a great relief as I had been hammering the water all morning.  So there I am standing in all my glory, bibs pulled down, junk out, still straddling the bike even and sure as shit I hear a bike coming up from behind me.  Haven't seen a soul all morning and here comes someone out of nowhere practically.  So, I just turn my head around over my shoulder and say good morning as I am still in the process of taking a leak.

This dude I swear looks at me like I shit in his rice crispies.  Seriously.  Cyclists are too sensitive I think... and he proceeds to bitch me out.... No shit!  "Couldn't you have found tree?" Then he throws in "What if it wasn't me but what if a lady had ridden up here and seen you dong that?"  I think this dude is going to have a heart attack over the whole thing.

By now I have had enough of this jerk.  I had finished my thing anyway.... I removed my sunglasses, looked him straight in the eye and smiled and said... "Then I am sure it would have made her day!" (Cue rim shot.)  I laughed at  him and rode back down the trail pretty proud of myself I have to say.

Now... That, was a good line!

Today's funny lines...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Days Out

Well, five days from now I will be in the thick of it and on my way up Mosquito Pass in the Leadville Marathon.  After seven months of training, this is where it begins.  Leadman.  It isn't about one single race but surviving them all, recovering between and  making it through the entire series in seven weeks. 

I am ready.

I had an awesome progression run yesterday that let me know that things are coming back on-line.   I am unloading fatigue before this race and feeling stronger each day.  But yesterday's run was damned near perfect and I know if it were not for the wind, my split the last three miles would have been a bit faster.  Still I am happy.  Miles 0-3, avg HR 142, 25:44, 8:35/mile. Miles 3-6, avg HR 153, 23:10, 7:44/mile. Miles 6-9, avg HR 165, 21:24, 7:08/mile.  The toe is a bit sore still but it is getting better.  I don't see it being a factor come Saturday.

The scary part of Saturday is the potential crossing of the Powerlines that night with Kiki... It will be interesting to hike that after the ass-kicking that I am sure the Marathon will deliver. If we can hike it, our goals may change by Saturday afternoon.  It may be a cerveza and cigar kind of evening instead.

But I am looking forward to our Leadville trip.  I plan to ride a lot after the Marathon for both recon, recovery and training for the two bike races.  I want to ride the 50 course from the start to Stumptown at least twice and a time trial on the 100 course from the start to Twin Lakes.  Bonus rides would include riding Columbine and the Power Lines as much as possible.

I am going to try to ride Ute Valley Park some tonight.  Not a workout or training per se, just to loosen up and play and have fun.  That will be fun.  That is what this week is about anyway... just take it easy, get ready to head up to Leadville on Thursday, keep the head in a good place and just get excited about the start of this Leadman trip... it's going to be awesome!

The elevation profile for the Leadville Marathon.  I will always contend that this race is more difficult than the Pikes Peak Marathon. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hard Dieting

It's working... dropping lbs.  Not a lot but getting to where I need to be.  Yesterday SUCKED as I didn't really workout because of bashing my damned toe so I had to be extra special careful with the calories.  Fortunately there were tons of raw veggies at JT's (I don't think that happens to often btw) for me to munch on sorta of for dinner.

The breaking point actually was three weeks ago when I really wanted to go to Manitou and get a milkshake and Melissa said... what she said was you are a lot happier when your weight is right and you aren't worrying about it so much.

What I heard was, "No you can't have a milkshake because you are just fat and sad."


The toe/foot is feeling a lot better today too.  It did not feel like I could run on it this morning but it felt a lot better which tells me I just stove it up really good and didn't break it.  Whew.

Got the Trek back today and it is in awesome shape.  I will ride it later.  Yay for burning more calories!  Two short runs tomorrow, one with Brooks in the am... but overall an easy weekend and I guess we are just staying close to home which is fine. 

This time next week, up in Leadville and can't freaking wait!

Good luck to everyone running the SJS 50 tomorrow.  I really wish I could have gone this year but it just isn't in the plans.

2009 San Juan Solstice

San Juan Solstice 50 mile run 2009 from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Jeff Jones's 2009 SJS video which is an awesome representation of the day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Define Irony

Seven months of intense and concentrated training without any major incidents.

Kicks chair leg on way to bathroom in the middle of the night one week before first race.  Toe is all jacked up and not sure if I can even run today.


Guess I better get in line to get my helmet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The day after the day after.

Way, way, way back when I was single circa 2006,  I noticed a phenomenon that I really had never experienced before.  If I partied too much or did anything too much it wan't the day after hangover that killed me it was the day AFTER the hangover day that was the worse.

Funny enough both my friends Dana and William confirmed that what I was experiencing was actually real.  William just described it as "the day after the day after." 

Well, that is what today is.  Tuesday.  The day after my rest day and two days after my last big workout and I fell wrecked. Tired, sore, and tired. Flat.

Even though last week was not a huge mileage a week I feel like I did a lot of muscle damage (the good kind) all throughout the week.  The cycling intervals on Tuesday KILLED my quads and they really did not get to fully recover the rest of the week.  Throw in pounding down the Peak on Saturday and then five-plus hours of riding in Pb on Sunday and you can can see how it all adds up.  Not complaining or whining here, just reporting the fact that I actually got sore.

Fortunately I am used to this... pretty much every Tuesday starts out like this... maybe not sore but tired and unmotivated.   On top of that it seems that most of the time Lucho likes to pile on maybe not a long workout but definitely an intense and uncomfortable training session on Tuesday's which I am always forced to break through one way or the other.  Again all of this is nothing new but it has astounded me that past few months how Tuesdays are always my low days and by the end of the week even through my bigger rides and runs I feel better, more on top of things, etc. 

I really wanted to ride some last night.  Nothing major just a couple of laps around Ute Valley Park. I even drove over there with the bike on the Jeep.  Ended up just sitting in the Jeep with Melissa for about an hour as it rained.  We bailed.  Some other day.

On the bright side, came home and Melissa grilled me a steak and made me steamed broccoli and we watched the first episode of this season's True Blood.  After having to endure season after season of that crappy show it FINALLY GOT GOOD!  I still hate Bill Compton and I think that Sookie is just completely unattractive and the rest of the characters get on my nerves but I gotta say WAY TO GO ALCIDE! You are the man... or wolf... or whatever...

Riding the Leadville this weekend was the best... I wish I could do that more often. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Leadville Training Weekend 1.5

Going up to Leadville this past weekend was not really part of the plan but it just sort of happened that way.  Melissa and Annie wanted to know what I wanted for Father's Day and I told the both of them mid-week to be able to go to Ledville on Sunday, ride as much as I wanted and not have to deal with anyone, be responsible for anyone, anything, etc... just ride and not worry about time or anything else.  They more or less made that happen so I ended up riding in Leadville all day on Sunday on the Silver Rush 50 course.

The plan was to meet up with Kiki, whom I had met the week before while I was running up Sugarloaf and a couple of other Leadman entrants.  We were then to ride from town to Stumptown and then follow the entire Silver Rush 50 course inbound. 

Me running down the Power Lines last weekend. 6/9/13.  Kiki took this shot not long after we met.
The first part of the ride out of town was a steep climb up dirt roads.  The riding was not tough, just super steep.  Four of us took off together but after 30 minutes or so it was just Swamp, Kiki, and myself riding. 

I am not going to go into all of the details of the day.  It was a good ride, I learned a shit ton, and my confidence on the course increased exponentially.  The roughest parts was the weather at times, rain, sleet, hail and cold, but really for the most part it was okay.

The section that I am most concerned about both inbound and outbound is the descent and the ascent to the Ball Mountain Saddle up from Stumptown.  After looking at it first hand yesterday I am sure I can ride it down no problem.  Pushing up was a bear though.  There was a ton of mud yesterday and I mean a ton so it was a mess going up to the saddle but still bearable.  I know it won't kill me.

Elevation profile for Sunday's ride.  Pretty Cool!
Riding back to town down Iowa Gulch was a BLAST!  There was a lot less snow than last weekend though there was more water.  Both Swamp and I commented that our faces hurt from smiling too much.  I would say of my top three to five rides this year this one is in the top five if not top three for certain.  It was just nice to ride with other people with the same goals and ideas and have company all day with other Leadman entrants.

Kiki and Swamp at the top of the Ball Mountain Saddle.  Stumptown is the bottom drainage off to the left.  Note the caked up mud and shit (technical term) on the tires.  It made pushing the bikes up extra challenging.
Finshed the day in Leadville with a trip to High Mountain Pies.  I swear I am getting addicted to that place.

All in all another solid week.  Not high mileages but the mileage and time are invested in the right places.  18:23 total time for the week.  56 miles on the bike, 42 miles running.  10,778 feet in elevation gain on the bike and 12,380 running.  It's those last two sets of numbers that I like seeing the most and also knowing that a lot of that gain for both the riding and running was above 10K.  Nice.

Less than two weeks until the Marathon then it is game on!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Awesome Saturday...

Can't bitch about a day that starts off at breakfast at King's Chef.  Christoph joined me there and we had a good chance to catch up.

Breakfast was followed by a 24 mile run up on Pikes Peak with all elevations between 10,200 and 14,115 (It feels weird typing that number and not 14,110.)  6:24 of running with 8,419 feet of elevation gain with an average elevation of 11,688.  Got to be honest and say that the altitude kicked my ass today once above 12K.  And I have realized that my time from the summit down to 3-to-go is now what my time up from 3-to-go to the summit was at one time many years ago.  Time waits for no man as they say.  I also did the run about 30 minutes slower overall than I had hoped but I still felt like I got some quality time on my feet today.

The elevation profile for today's run.
I have heard this song on the sat radio in the Jeep twice in the past week I think.  I probably have not heard this song in decades which is funny considering this was my favorite cassette tape (yeah, pre CD) in the 11th grade.  Had it at full blast driving down the Pikes Peak Highway this afternoon... It sort of punctuated the day.  Awesome.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Not much to write about really.  Things are as usual and at the same time not.  Half of the state is on fire again and causing more damage than last summer and there is zero containment so far.  It's bad.

And the world is still full of incredibly ignorant and mean people... What word rhymes with "watt?" (Warning, NSFW.)

Melissa is gone for a few days to MD.  She is staying with my parents while she is out there.  It is just me and Asia running amok here.

Speaking of running, still doing the Peak run on Saturday if anyone wants to join.  Sunday I plan to head up to Leadville and just do a lot of unstructured riding and course recon on the Silver Rush 50 MTB course and just have fun.  It is Father's Day after all.

And in regards to fatherhood... Annie turned 19 yesterday.  I still can't get my brain around that one at all.  To celebrate, Melissa and Annie and I went to Joseph's Tuesday night and I think set a new PR for the highest bill getting out of there so far.  Completely worth it!   I can't say how cool it is to have just such a wonder young adult/person as a daughter who is happy, successful, is her own person, and has the best heart of anyone I have ever known. Lots and lots of pride..  I don't remember the last time the three of us laughed as much together as we did at dinner that night.  Surprised they didn't kick us out but then again we sort of are regulars.

That sorta sums it up... hitting the diet hard this week... it has taken me about two weeks to get things under control and the results are showing.  I read my  blog from this time last year and I was a bit lighter going into the SJS 50.  I hope to get back down there or at least close in the next two weeks.

Off for a short ride tonight... probably hitting Red Rocks but not 100% yet.

That's about it.   Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Elk Park - Summit RT Saturday If Anyone Wants To Go

Still waiting for the official green light on my running schedule but I am planning to run Elk Park to Barr Camp then to the summit and then go back the way I came.  24 Miles total with an average elevation of 11,800 feet.  It will be a few hours out there.  I plan to leave early on Saturday morning and be in line before the gates open up which means leaving my place NLT 07:00.

Anyway, if anyone would like to go with and run all or part of it with me just ping me and let me know.

Elevation profile for the run... 11.7 to 10.2 then to 14.1 and back again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Leadville Training Weekend

I am a firm believer that I can ride and run all around the Pikes Peak region all that I want but until I get my feet (or tires) on the ground in Lake County and on the Leadville race courses it is pretty darned tough to gauge exactly where things stand.  So with that in mind and planning to escape the imminent heat in COS, Melissa and Asia and I headed up to Leadville for the weekend.

My Saturday plan was to ride as much of the Silver Rush 50 course as possible.  My plan B if snow became too much of an issue on the east side of town was to hit the Power Lines and Sugarloaf on the bike as well.  Things were off to a rocky start from the go Saturday morning as my Garmin battery was completely drained so I had to leave it at the hotel.  I rode from the hotel to the ski hill which is the start of the SR50 MTB and where you have to push your bike up the hill.  Here comes the second slap in the face (or sap to to the back of the head) as that hill SUCKS!  I don't know how long it took me to get the bike to the top, but it had to be somewhere between three and five minutes.  SR50 reality check number one.

After some serious guessing and shaky route finding I made it from the start to the course and headed up towards Iowa Gulch.  Basically this is the first big chunk of the race either running or riding and it is ten miles gaining altitude the entire way all the way up to 12K or so.  And guess what?  It is NOT easy.  I am sure it was a combination of things Saturday morning like the cool temps, lots of run off, wind, and dodging snow banks higher up in the drainage but that climb up was tough.  I learned what baby heads actually are and that road is littered with rocks loose and otherwise.   SR50 reality check number two.  It's gonna be damned hard.

I made it to the top of Iowa Gulch pretty much but had to do a creative portage with the bike up a really steep scree slope to get to the higher road because of snow.  This was not a lot of fun either but once I got on the road I was flying at high speeds towards what will the Printer Boy aid station come race day.  Descents like this is where time will be made up.  I rode past Printer Boy, made a wrong turn and ended up back down in Iowa Gulch again and decided to say screw it... bomb back to town, warm up and have lunch and consider plan B.

After lunch Melissa rode her bike with me down to the Power Lines to see it.  She rode back to town as I went on up to the top of Sugarloaf with the bike.  I'd say of the 3.5 miles up, I rode the bike 70% of the way and ended up pushing it a lot less than I thought I might.  The great thing about going up the Power Line side is that the higher you get, the easier it gets.  I made the top in about an hour.  After a gel and putting on another layer, time for the big test.  Riding down.

I can't really describe how much fun the descent down is. When I got to the bottom though I know I was like a kid who just got off of a ride at the amusement park wanting to make a bee-line right back and do it again.  It was a blast and a for as much as the morning was learning experience, riding the second part of the day was a huge confidence builder.  It took me 20 minutes to make it from the top of Sugarloaf to the hard road.  3.5 minutes to descend the actual power line section from the first false summit down.  That was right about in the time frame I was hoping for. Rode back to town via the boulevard and was pretty happy.

Sunday morning I was definitely feeling Saturday.  The plan called for a double crossing of Sugarloaf starting over to Mayqueen and back.  Meslissa actually was with with me and she kicked ass (mine) going up the Powerlines much of the way.   I just was not feeling it on Sunday morning and most of the first hour or so was hiking more than running.  It helped having her with as I said, motivation was in the gutter.  We parted ways and she went back to the Jeep and then was going back to town.  I proceed to run down to Mayqueen and even on the downhill side just wasn't getting into the run or feeling all that great.

But after the turn around the run changed... I had more water from the campground, had some gels and started back.  I had a pretty solid run all the way from MQ, through the Colorado Trail, Haggerman Road and then headed up Sugarloaf.  More coolness as I got to meet Kiki, another Lead-person in training who was riding up the same direction I was running! She rode, I ran, and we talked the whole way up Sugarloaf and even part ways down the other side.  She had ridden parts of the SR50 course the day before and had the same reactions that I did.  The run back across was much different than the earlier one and I bet it is a new PR for me for that stretch. (Thanks for pulling me along Kiki.)

After a post run pizza and a milkshake (fuck the diet) followed by a nap then a long walk with Asia had us leaving Leadville very late.  It was a good call though as it was nice to drive home hours after the traffic had died down and it was cooler.

A great weekend.  I am still feeling it.  I learned a lot.  Especially that I am going to have to really focus on the SR50 course the week after the Marathon.  Riding in Leadville at altitude is a lot tougher than I imagined... but I am still pretty fit and I think all of the elements are there to pull this Leadman thing off. 

Melissa and I at the bottom of the Power Lines Saturday.

Me before heading up.  No idea how this would play out on the bike!
Taking a break on top of Sugarloaf.  Call it one hour up... 20 minutes total down and 3.5 minutes down the last steep pitch of power lines...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And Here Comes The Heat

Weather Underground is predicting a high of 93 for COS Saturday and Sunday... 70's for Pb though... so... guess where WE will be???

I am learning that adjusting back to days is going to be a challenge. It won't or I hope it won't be as  bad but right now "the system" is wired to be on at night and is ready to work.  Conversely during the days I am dog-assed tired.  I can handle the discomfort though... at least it feels like I am in more of a natural rhythm and despite being tired I can still easily wake up and get out of bed in the morning... I just  need to work on that getting to sleep part.

GZ posted an interesting link regarding PEDs which is funny considering the product that I was studying last night.  Mountain Might.  Chalk this product up to another scam right up there with the used Israeli gask masks (Elevation Training Masks) in terms of efficacy and acclimatizing to higher altitudes.

Anyway... I call bullshit.  To carry more oxygen ya need more red blood cells... period, and the only things that can really do that (next to living at altitude or maybe sleeping in an altitude tent) are banned substances and they are banned for a reason.  The funny thing about the Mountain Might site is they do illustrate a lot of science on altitude and sports training which is true, but, they don't really explain how their product works exactly so their whole scam is as Doug Henning used to say, "An illllooooooosssioon."

Pb is the best thing that I can ever think of for altitude training... accept no substitutes!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Damn it's Bright Out

In the office this morning and I can't believe how light it is in  here after only being in here during the dark the past three months. I am so glad to be on days again.  Getting to sleep was a challenge last night and I didn't get as much sleep as I may have liked but it it still a good feeling to know that I will be in a more normal sleep pattern.

I had the strangest thing happen on yesterday's run.  I was about ten miles into it and then all of the sudden I started to feel good.  Like, well, as if I had NOT been feeling well all week.  I was tired of running and from the run of course but for the first time in days I felt like myself.  Then it got me thinking... my stomach was messed up earlier in the week and the fatigue that I had been feeling all week wasn't exactly normal either.  Throw in a few other strange symptoms and I can see now looking back that I wasn't feeling well at all last week.  It was just so weird as I was running and it was like a switch was thrown and boom, back to normal.  Strange but now last week makes a lot more sense now.

Last week turned out pretty good.  18:53 of training... 73 miles running, 23 miles riding.  Over 15K of elevation gain running.  Not too shabby, especially now, looking back, and realizing just how wrecked I felt most of the week.

I can't wait to get up to Leadville for the Marathon and camp the week after that up there.  I think that is part of what kept me up last night to be honest.   Just getting excited about that race, then spending time up there training for a week or more both riding and running.  I hope to get the 50 MTB course down solid that week and hopefully ride some of the key parts of the 100 as well.  Not long at all now!

Might even try to sneak up there this weekend... 

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Mileages for May.  I am not even going to try to calculate total time, elevation gains, etc...

Sort of explains why I am tired!