Monday, June 3, 2013

Damn it's Bright Out

In the office this morning and I can't believe how light it is in  here after only being in here during the dark the past three months. I am so glad to be on days again.  Getting to sleep was a challenge last night and I didn't get as much sleep as I may have liked but it it still a good feeling to know that I will be in a more normal sleep pattern.

I had the strangest thing happen on yesterday's run.  I was about ten miles into it and then all of the sudden I started to feel good.  Like, well, as if I had NOT been feeling well all week.  I was tired of running and from the run of course but for the first time in days I felt like myself.  Then it got me thinking... my stomach was messed up earlier in the week and the fatigue that I had been feeling all week wasn't exactly normal either.  Throw in a few other strange symptoms and I can see now looking back that I wasn't feeling well at all last week.  It was just so weird as I was running and it was like a switch was thrown and boom, back to normal.  Strange but now last week makes a lot more sense now.

Last week turned out pretty good.  18:53 of training... 73 miles running, 23 miles riding.  Over 15K of elevation gain running.  Not too shabby, especially now, looking back, and realizing just how wrecked I felt most of the week.

I can't wait to get up to Leadville for the Marathon and camp the week after that up there.  I think that is part of what kept me up last night to be honest.   Just getting excited about that race, then spending time up there training for a week or more both riding and running.  I hope to get the 50 MTB course down solid that week and hopefully ride some of the key parts of the 100 as well.  Not long at all now!

Might even try to sneak up there this weekend... 

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