Thursday, June 13, 2013


Not much to write about really.  Things are as usual and at the same time not.  Half of the state is on fire again and causing more damage than last summer and there is zero containment so far.  It's bad.

And the world is still full of incredibly ignorant and mean people... What word rhymes with "watt?" (Warning, NSFW.)

Melissa is gone for a few days to MD.  She is staying with my parents while she is out there.  It is just me and Asia running amok here.

Speaking of running, still doing the Peak run on Saturday if anyone wants to join.  Sunday I plan to head up to Leadville and just do a lot of unstructured riding and course recon on the Silver Rush 50 MTB course and just have fun.  It is Father's Day after all.

And in regards to fatherhood... Annie turned 19 yesterday.  I still can't get my brain around that one at all.  To celebrate, Melissa and Annie and I went to Joseph's Tuesday night and I think set a new PR for the highest bill getting out of there so far.  Completely worth it!   I can't say how cool it is to have just such a wonder young adult/person as a daughter who is happy, successful, is her own person, and has the best heart of anyone I have ever known. Lots and lots of pride..  I don't remember the last time the three of us laughed as much together as we did at dinner that night.  Surprised they didn't kick us out but then again we sort of are regulars.

That sorta sums it up... hitting the diet hard this week... it has taken me about two weeks to get things under control and the results are showing.  I read my  blog from this time last year and I was a bit lighter going into the SJS 50.  I hope to get back down there or at least close in the next two weeks.

Off for a short ride tonight... probably hitting Red Rocks but not 100% yet.

That's about it.   Have a good weekend everyone!

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