Wednesday, June 26, 2013

72 Hours

Actually less than that until the race.  Taper is going well.  I am resting, fueling, eating (trying to keep that one under control) and really bouncing back.  I know it is going well because I am feeling more energetic.   I've never understood this really but I tend to get way more opinionated and communicative in regards to those opinions in the days leading up to race if the taper is going well. 

Super easy light runs this week on out.  I have to start packing today.  It will be obscene the amount of shit that we take up there but for ten days of camping, running a marathon, and a week of bike riding and training... well there will be a lot of stuff.

Looks like WS100 is going to be hot.  Good luck to our local runners, Steve, Dan and Brandon who are representing the home team.  Bring home those buckles.

I only have two wishes left now...

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