Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The day after the day after.

Way, way, way back when I was single circa 2006,  I noticed a phenomenon that I really had never experienced before.  If I partied too much or did anything too much it wan't the day after hangover that killed me it was the day AFTER the hangover day that was the worse.

Funny enough both my friends Dana and William confirmed that what I was experiencing was actually real.  William just described it as "the day after the day after." 

Well, that is what today is.  Tuesday.  The day after my rest day and two days after my last big workout and I fell wrecked. Tired, sore, and tired. Flat.

Even though last week was not a huge mileage a week I feel like I did a lot of muscle damage (the good kind) all throughout the week.  The cycling intervals on Tuesday KILLED my quads and they really did not get to fully recover the rest of the week.  Throw in pounding down the Peak on Saturday and then five-plus hours of riding in Pb on Sunday and you can can see how it all adds up.  Not complaining or whining here, just reporting the fact that I actually got sore.

Fortunately I am used to this... pretty much every Tuesday starts out like this... maybe not sore but tired and unmotivated.   On top of that it seems that most of the time Lucho likes to pile on maybe not a long workout but definitely an intense and uncomfortable training session on Tuesday's which I am always forced to break through one way or the other.  Again all of this is nothing new but it has astounded me that past few months how Tuesdays are always my low days and by the end of the week even through my bigger rides and runs I feel better, more on top of things, etc. 

I really wanted to ride some last night.  Nothing major just a couple of laps around Ute Valley Park. I even drove over there with the bike on the Jeep.  Ended up just sitting in the Jeep with Melissa for about an hour as it rained.  We bailed.  Some other day.

On the bright side, came home and Melissa grilled me a steak and made me steamed broccoli and we watched the first episode of this season's True Blood.  After having to endure season after season of that crappy show it FINALLY GOT GOOD!  I still hate Bill Compton and I think that Sookie is just completely unattractive and the rest of the characters get on my nerves but I gotta say WAY TO GO ALCIDE! You are the man... or wolf... or whatever...

Riding the Leadville this weekend was the best... I wish I could do that more often. 

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