Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Days Out

Well, five days from now I will be in the thick of it and on my way up Mosquito Pass in the Leadville Marathon.  After seven months of training, this is where it begins.  Leadman.  It isn't about one single race but surviving them all, recovering between and  making it through the entire series in seven weeks. 

I am ready.

I had an awesome progression run yesterday that let me know that things are coming back on-line.   I am unloading fatigue before this race and feeling stronger each day.  But yesterday's run was damned near perfect and I know if it were not for the wind, my split the last three miles would have been a bit faster.  Still I am happy.  Miles 0-3, avg HR 142, 25:44, 8:35/mile. Miles 3-6, avg HR 153, 23:10, 7:44/mile. Miles 6-9, avg HR 165, 21:24, 7:08/mile.  The toe is a bit sore still but it is getting better.  I don't see it being a factor come Saturday.

The scary part of Saturday is the potential crossing of the Powerlines that night with Kiki... It will be interesting to hike that after the ass-kicking that I am sure the Marathon will deliver. If we can hike it, our goals may change by Saturday afternoon.  It may be a cerveza and cigar kind of evening instead.

But I am looking forward to our Leadville trip.  I plan to ride a lot after the Marathon for both recon, recovery and training for the two bike races.  I want to ride the 50 course from the start to Stumptown at least twice and a time trial on the 100 course from the start to Twin Lakes.  Bonus rides would include riding Columbine and the Power Lines as much as possible.

I am going to try to ride Ute Valley Park some tonight.  Not a workout or training per se, just to loosen up and play and have fun.  That will be fun.  That is what this week is about anyway... just take it easy, get ready to head up to Leadville on Thursday, keep the head in a good place and just get excited about the start of this Leadman trip... it's going to be awesome!

The elevation profile for the Leadville Marathon.  I will always contend that this race is more difficult than the Pikes Peak Marathon. 


  1. What's with everyone wanting to workout post marathon?

  2. LOL! Yeah I know, right? It will be sort of close to simulated fatigue. I might be self-medicating on the trip though. Haha. Figure we are up there, might as well enjoy it.

  3. Nice plan!! If you might let me, I'd love to join if the legs will behave ;-) Camping in the usual spot fri-mon!