Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Race Is Better Than Your Race

The big news today to rattle the ultra running community was the call made public by the Hardrock 100 race committee to exclude certain races from their qualification standards.  The two races that were dropped which are causing the most stir are the Western States 100 and the Leadville Trail 100.

This was taken from the HR 100 website:

A note about the 2013 Leadville 100: The Leadville 100 includes many of the features that are important for a HR qualifier: high altitude, long climbs, potential for mountain weather, and more. However, the 2013 Leadville 100 ignored other traits of importance to the HR: environmental responsibility, support of the hosting community, and having a positive impact on the health of our sport. Because of timing, the 2013 LT100 will still be accepted as a qualifier for the 2014 HR. LT100 finishes will not be accepted as qualifiers for the 2015 HRH and beyond.

All I can say is "WOW!" And that is not wow as in I am impressed, more like the wow you get when your wife/girlfriend/partner respsonds to something you say or do in total disbelief that you are actually that big of an idiot. 

It just seems awfully judgmental for one race to make a comment like that in regards to another.  And even if that were true, what is the purpose of this decision past punishing Leadville runners?  Their participation is not the cause for what missteps might or might not have happened in the 2013 LT100 run and how it was managed.  They were running!

And lastly... enough of the comparison between the two races.  Both are 100 mile races but both require certain skill sets that the other does not.  Let me throw these numbers out there... going by the ratios on comparing the two races and finishing times for both, which are 0.67 plus or minus 0.2, based over many years, clearly indicates that anyone who finishes Hardrock in the 44 - 48 hour window would possibly have a very slim chance of finishing Leadville within the 30 hour cuttoff.  That's just math folks. Math that indicates that nearly 1/3rd of the HR100 field could not even do Leadville, so which race is harder now?

Like I said, different skill sets. Get over it.

Yes this decision personally impacts me.  I had planned on using my 2013 LT100 finish for qualifying for the 2014 and 2015 HR100 lotteries.  I really don't have the desire to do any other 100 milers at this point as none really excite me.  It would have been nice to have a shot (or two) at doing Hardrock these next couple of years instead of just the one.  That being said, if I don't get in, well, that's probably the end of my 100 mile running career right there.  At Least For A While.  Never say never.

Anyway...  Throwing my name in the LT100 MTB this weekend after registration for that lottery opens but of course that drawing won't be until February.   A sick and twisted part of me contemplates registering for Leadman again if for no other reason than it would guarantee me a slot in the bike, well after doing the 50 of course.  Fortunately I am not that desperate.

Two good days of running this week so far.  I've enlisted Lucho's help to get me out of weeds and keep me on track the next three weeks before JFK.   The workouts the past couple of days seem familiar and comfortable yet stressing but reassuring at the same time.  Maybe I'm not as jacked up as I thought.  My confidence is starting to come back thankfully. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Weekend

Definitely a mixed bag.  I took Saturday off from running for a couple of reasons, mostly because I had planned to and secondly because I was on-call Friday night and ended up sleeping in really late as a result.  I still think I needed the day off.  The symptoms or what not,  left over from the flu shot seemed to be abating as well.  Not as congested, not coughing as much and my energy level was definitely improving.

The upside to the weekend... nothing like eating ribs, pizza and getting to spend the night with Melissa in Denver to change my state and outlook on life.  Not to mention I got ten hours of sleep Saturday night!  Hoping the next week and half goes by quickly until we can get together again for a week.  Anyway, serious mood improvment.

The downside.... I decided to attempt a four hour run on Sunday after getting back.  Everything started off well enough but thank god I was only about a quarter of a mile from Criterium Bike's when I realized I really needed to use their facilities.  The second hour went well and it seemed that maybe all would be just fine but I was wrong.  At or about 2:40 into the run I just imploded.  I can't describe the sensation completely but imagine a balloon deflating.  I just sunk.  Kept plodding along until 3:15 then I was walking the rest of the way home.  Everything from the waist down was hurting with deep aches all the way to the bone it felt like.

Moving around after I got home I think I got a taste of what it might feel like to be 100 years old.  Feet, ankles, knees, calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes... everything felt as if it had been bashed in by a baseball bat.  So, so weird.  In the grocery store Sunday evening I was basically using the cart like a walker.  I seriously felt THAT beat up.  I don't get it.  I just don't get it.

With less than four weeks until the JFK 50 I have to say my goals are becoming more modest with each passing day.  But all things being equal I did feel better yesterday, at least for a good chunk of the run, than I did all last week so maybe I am close to being out of the woods.  Regardless I am just going to keep on going the best that I can between now and the race and just do the best that I can training and then in the race.  It's all I can do at this point.  As Papa Wooten used to always tell me, "Always do your best and everything will be just fine."

Today is a day off and besides just hoping to bounce back I am also going to dig back a bit deeper and try to figure out when exactly the train jumped the tracks.  Talking to Melissa last night we were discussing it and I told her that it seems like this slump, as she called it, has been going on for two weeks now.  Up until then everything was just clicking along just fine.  But then again, the situation might just resolve itself and I will never know. 

Ugh... running.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Forced Break

I am still convinced that the flu shot affected me but not ruling out maybe a small cold though.  Definitely not allergies as the Claritin didn't do a damned thing this week to knock down the drainage.  My nose was running and stuff all day on Friday.  Feeling a lot better today.

Naturally I did not run on Friday.  Felt like I could but would not let myself even attempt it.  I settled for a long walk with Asia.  I am also not going to run today.  Sunday is a tentative maybe but I need to wait and see how I feel.   I seem to be less symptomatic today so maybe I am pulling out of this, whatever "this" is.  I'll know for sure in a couple of days once I start feeling better just exactly what the deal was.  Usually when I bounce back I feel so much better that when I look back at when I was feeling like crap I can really get good idea of how crappy I was actually feeling.  Weird I know.

But seeing that there could be many different things at play here I think that taking the small break is the smartest thing to do.  I'm just going to let things fall where they may while the dust settles.  It will all make sense soon enough.  A few days rest has to be better than digging a deeper hole for myself, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Off to Denver tonight to see Melissa and we are spending the night up there.   Of course I am sure that will do wonders for my outlook!  

But for I am just going to enjoy my weekend. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Black Dog

Found this today.  I didn't realize I still had it.  From my first PPA in 1995.  Anyone else have one of these or earlier even?  Obviously I wore this one a lot!
(Warning:  Not a cheery feel good hit of the summer kind of post.  If you can't handle it stop reading now.)

Back Dog.  That is the song by Led Zeppelin that was playing in the cab when I got in it tonight.  I wasn't happy about the cab ride but I had to get home somehow.

I got my flu shot on Monday.  I got one last year and I don't remember it messing with me too much.  I stayed away from them for years because I had to get them when I was in the military and whenever I did, I was sick as a dog a few hours later then for the next few days.  Since last year's shot didn't affect me I went ahead and got one for this season but I don't think I was as lucky this time around.

Tuesday for the most part I felt okay but definitely not stellar.  I also had some soreness show up which I just attributed to the riding and the running over the weekend.  I blew off my run at the CC track in the morning because when I woke up, well it was cold and dark out so I said screw it.  I have plenty, plenty of months ahead of me to go run in the cold and dark.  No sense rushing to do it now, I thought.  I was wanting to do a MAF test so I decided to wait until after work and go to the Manitou High School Track and do it there.

In short, it didn't go to well at the Manitou Track.  Even my first warmup mile was rough.  Each of the four test miles were about a minute off from what I was expecting.  To make it worse, the results were inconsistent as my last two of the four miles were faster than the first two.  Weird.

Wednesday I really started to feel like crap.  Not really sick but just fuzzy-headed.  I had some drainage.  It was feeling like I was either dealing with allergies, coming down with a cold or maybe just the flu shot was messing with me.  I felt really tired come 2-3 p.m. and was seriously contemplating a nap which I really never do.  I didn't feel so great so I decided to just walk the dog and take it easy instead of pushing things.  Get to bed early and hopefully head off any virus or infection that might be settling in.

That worked as I felt better today but still not 100%.  I gave myself the day to sort out how I felt and if I was up for trying to get in 20 miles tonight or not.  By three in the afternoon I had convinced myself to go for it and by four I was out the door and running.

Let me say straight up, I am so burned out of running in Colorado Springs.  There are some segments that I run that I would just as well rather be on a treadmill for, and those who know me know how much I hate treadmills.  At least on a treadmill I don't have to look at all the depressing stuff that I see on all of my runs.  Anyway...

I got in the first ten okay... made it to 11.5 miles and then more or less stopped.  I just stopped.  Fuck it.  I was done.  I turned around and walked about a mile to Lucky Dragon, ordered a Kung Pao Chicken dinner to go and called a cab for a ride home and then listened to Black Dog the rest of the way home.

That was my day.

Not sure what the hell is going on with me.  Am I just burned out all together?  Is it that I can't get overly enthused or motivated about the JFK 50?  Is it just that after Leadman and this summer nothing looks as bright and shiny as that did to me?  Have I pushed too hard these past few weeks and maybe facing an over training situation?  Or are there non-running influences messing with things... job, living situations, just day to day stress or just all of the above?  Could it be the autumn blahs that I usually get?  I wonder about that one as I found myself today wishing it were the first day of winter already because at least then I know the days are getting longer and things are just looking up all around, or at least that is my perception of things after the Solstice.

I just don't know... but I decided on my little walk to pull the plug on the rest of the training this week.  I am going to give myself a few days to step back and hopefully have my mind and body resynchronize before getting on with it some more.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reality Check

For when you don't feel like getting out there.  File this one under "What's your excuse?"

Monday, October 21, 2013


Define irony.  When a team that is having a winning season mostly due to their new quarterback is defeated by the team that they got their new quarterback from.  Of course I am referring to the loss that the Denver Broncos and  Peyton Manning were handed yesterday by the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe Tim Tebow can get his old job back?  Okay, I completely exhausted all of my knowledge of the NFL in this paragraph.  Neither team is special to me for various reasons.  I do remember when the Colts snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night and the drama that came after.  But seriously, I bet Melissa and Annie watch more football in a weekend, or two, than I have the last ten years combined.  Maybe even longer.

Anyway... dogs.

Dogs have been causing some interesting drama for me the past two days.  One is mine and the other is not.  First, the dog that is mine.

Part of what threw me off on the second half of my run yesterday was when I came home I discovered that Asia had indeed been busy entertaining herself in the most unproductive manner.  Pulled out and chewed on were one pair of Italian heels... not mine.  In the kitchen I also discovered the loaf of bread that was on the counter was missing.  Knowing where to look I went out to the back patio and found the empty bag along with a mess of other stuff that she had dragged outside, which wasn't her's to play with.  So I had to clean up that mess before taking off.  She earned kennel time for that trick.  Anyway, I think it just sort of got under my skin and threw me off a little.

This morning I took a break to make some breakfast and while in the kitchen I saw a flash of movement in the backyard through the half closed blinds.  A quick peek and I recognized the dog as one of the ones in the neighborhood that I watch.  She had escaped her pen and her backyard and found her way to mine.  I quickly got my shoes on, grabbed a leash and my neighbor's keys and took her home, just thankful that she came to my house and that she was safe.  Anyway, when I got back home I remembered I had left a roll that I was going to toast with my eggs on the counter when everything went down. Of course Asia being as opportunistic as she is, the roll was long gone by the time I got back.  This one was on me.

Taking a rest day today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be five miles and I am thinking of heading over to the CC track bright and early to do a MAF Test to see where I am.  I haven't really done one since I started training at MAF exclusively several weeks ago.   The last one I sorta did was that weekend in July or August when I was too burned out to travel anywhere and decided to stay home.  I really don't expect the results to vary too much from what my fitness level was last spring or summer to be honest but it's a useful way to get the miles in.

Back to back twenty milers slated for later in the week.  I am going to do them Thursday and Friday since I don't have class on Thursday night this week.  I should be able to knock them out easy enough.

I emailed my Hoka rep about this pack.   I'd be interested in giving it a shot.  I really like the Nathan Packs I use but would like something with just a tad more space in it. Hopefully I can score one.  Maybe in time for the JFK 50 even.  That would be cool. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meanwhile, back in the 80905.

Came back to the springs on Wednesday afternoon.  I tried extra hard to enjoy the drive over Independence Pass as it will more than likely be closed when I go back to Aspen on November, 6th.  Yeah... I am spending a solid 21 days here before going back up.  Because of schedules and other stuff going on I am meeting Melissa in Denver next Saturday night and we are spending the night up there.  But then I am staying here in the springs through my next rotation, then going back up on the 6th per the normal schedule.

I texted my friend William late on Thursday night telling him that it was my second night here at the house and I was already over it.


Finally hit the grocery store Thursday night.  Picked up the makings for one of my all time favorite meals which I had not had since last November, before I started the entire Paleo Diet experiment.  I promised myself that after Leadville/Leadman I would make it sometime.  Nothing fancy, just tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  With two glasses of milk!  Seriously, one of my favorites of all time and it was awesome.  

Nothing special to report this week form the running and training front.   I had short runs all week, and I took Friday off.  I rode the Greenland Gravel Grinder on Saturday and that turned out to be a 46.9 mile ride that I did in 3:53:30.  It was okay, great weather and the course was interesting enough. I still need to tweak the new saddle on the Cannondale just a smidge but overall it worked great.  I worked really hard to keep my heart rate down in the MAF zone but at times it was really a challenge.  I had to take hills really, really slow.

Today, Sunday, was supposed to be a 30 miler but I just could not do it.  I ran 18 miles first and came back to the house to refuel and get fresh bottles.  When I took off for the next 12 I really struggled to keep my heart rate down so my speed really plummeted.  When the rain started at mile 21 I said screw it and headed home.  I came up seven miles short for a total of 23 miles for the day all at MAF.

Between yesterday's ride and today's run I still feel like I had a solid weekend of training.  But today my heart and my mind were just not into it.  At. All.  I think that quitting when I did was a good idea as it kept me from digging a hole that could take me a bit to get out of.   Just more of the nuggets I learned training with Lucho... Sometimes less is more and you have to listen to what the body is telling you.  Or maybe I am just rationalizing being a pussy this weekend?

Seriously considering giving trekking poles a whirl.  The only problem is that I don't know how to use them really.  I once read where Karl Metzler said something to the effect that they make uphills so easy that it is insane.  (totally paraphrasing that)  So if anyone reads this and is well versed in using trekking poles for long races in the mountains I sure could use some pointers.  

A photo from Saturday's ride.  Thankful there isn't one of today's run! :) I do need to change out the front rings and rear cassette on this bike.  Geared too much for climbing and not enough for flat out riding. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Observe the rest day and keep it holy...

Of course I am not talking about Sunday... for me pretty much this entire past year Monday has been my rest day each week and pretty much without exception.  Lucho made sure that I always took at least Monday off.  Now it is sort of a standard.

I remember when he told me that after training for a bit come Saturday during a training week I would be dying for Monday to get here.  Anyway, it is a plan or part of the plan that I am intending to stick to from here on out.  Gone are the days of trying to get two months or more logged without a day off.

This past training week was my biggest week in both time and mileages in I don't know how long.  Sixty Six miles, over eleven hours of running and over 9500 in vertical gain.  Not a bad week really.  The challenging part wasn't the physical aspect of the runs but more the mental.

First there were the three ten milers in a row mid-week last week. I have always struggled with that distance.  Again, it isn't the distance per se but the time involved in running it.  Internally I am usually done by mile eight.  It is never short in duration but just long enough that the mind has to really work to keep going.  The 20 miles on Saturday were pretty easy but the ten miler again on Sunday took a great deal of mental urging to get it done.  Melissa ran the first 5.5 with me and to be honest I was about to just call it good when we got back to the apartment before I took off to get another 4.5.

This week starts off easy though... all runs before the weekend being under five miles even but that is just building up for a long 30 miler on Sunday after which I get a day off.

Found some great new trails here in Aspen this weekend.  The Maroon Creek trail from the Recreation Center to highway 82 is a great little single track as well as the Meadows trail which goes from the Meadow's Resort down to the Roaring Fork River/Rio Grand Trail.  I don't know how runnable each of them will be in the winter once the snow gets deeper but for now they are quite pleasant. 

Saturday's run was pretty eventful. I ran into a someone (Eric Sullivan) that I met this past summer at Leadville and we ran a bit together up Smuggler Road.  He had to take off after an hour as he had things to get done but I went another hour up to the gate which had me running in a lot of snow that second hour.  I also got to see some elk, a nice bull elk even and a lot of mountain lion tracks.   But even up high in the snow it was warm enough to be comfortable especially in the sun.  It is the second time I have gone up that high on that road and it was nice to see that it was every bit as steep running up and down it as it was when I rode it last month or so.

I've added another business to the list that Aspen is lacking... A good late night diner.  I bet King's Chef could make a killing here!

It's not the best picture but this is the bull elk that I ran into on Saturday.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My New Diet

Okay... in reality it is sort of like Atkins and Paleo... but then not really....  More just survival than caveman. 

Time is very scarce this week and I don't want to go spend a ton at the store.  I am just eating everything that is left in the house since going to the store to stock up isn't that practical.  Also since I will be gone for a few days, no need having stuff sitting around.

I told Melissa a few nights ago that I was just eating everything that we had in the fridge and pantry this week to get rid of it.  Her reply was that she was glad that I was eating the leftovers.  Of course I had to respond and disagree by telling her, "no, I am just eating what is LEFT!"

I figured the last straw will be when I open the soup sized can in the pantry without a label on it anymore.  But for a while it just remained the mystery can... the last resort.  Melissa told me they were apricot preserves the other night and to bring them up to Aspen but I said no... sounds like they might make a nice treat!  

I've even resorted to drinking a bottle or two of GNC Whey Protein powder everyday just to fill up the calorie count.  I have a jug and a half of the stuff that I need to get rid of and this is a great excuse.  Plus I like it, so no harm there.

Actually it has been an interesting experiment.  One dinner was nothing but five bratwurst covered in spicy mustard with hot pepper rings on the side.  That's kinda Paleo, right?

Today for lunch... Frozen pierogis that I know have been in the freezer longer than I want to admit publicly.  Actually they were pretty good. 

It is actually fun hitting the kitchen, figuring out what is left, and coming up with ideas.  I still have some chicken left and some hamburger patties that I put out to defrost.  A can of beanless chili and some Saltines are left too and about a half dozen eggs.

The other night when I wanted a snack I remembered there was a leftover bag of plain granola and a leftover bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard... I got a container and mixed the two together making a fun snack that lasted me a couple of days. 

But this week's "diet" kinda goes along with everything else in my life now as I am really trying to get rid of a ton of stuff and simplify.  If I don't go to the store, I don't buy a lot of crap.  If I don't buy a lot of crap I don't eat it... I'm not losing weight this week of course but I sure as hell am not gaining any!   And to be honest, this is probably the cleanest my diet has been in months!

It is just part of the living alone (part time) adaptations I am having to make.  Without Melissa and Annie here I just don't need that much around and there is really no routine.  Hell, I ran the dishwasher Tuesday for the first time three weeks I think.   

Headed up to Aspen tomorrow and Melissa and I are already planning on going to the Hickory House once I get there for BBQ.  End of the diet.

Anyway... this is my first "bigger" week of training since Leadville.  Shooting for a 66 mile week.  Back to back to back ten milers Tuesday, yesterday and today.  Ten milers don't stress me physically but do push me mentally quite a bit.  Three in row even more so.  Running a 10K with Melissa on Saturday but I need to tack on some more miles to make it a 20 mile day.  I figure I am going to run and just meet her at the start. 

Six weeks until the JFK 50.  I am starting to find ways to get more excited about it.  I still have humble goals for this one but I expect to finish well and intact.  I will be racing my favorite 5K just a few days after which will be interesting to follow up the 50 miler with.  PR'ing both would be awesome but I would not put money on it.

JFK 50 Elevation Profile.  Really it's everything after mile 17 that has me sweating.  Pancake FLAT.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8

I will be in the springs all week this week and won't go back up to Aspen until Friday.  I talked to Melissa about it on Sunday and I just didn't have it in me to do another two day turn around after driving back to the springs last Wednesday, back to Aspen on Friday and then back to the springs on Sunday.  To go back on Wednesday wouldn't allow me enough landing time here to get done all of the things I need to catch up on here.  Of course I'd prefer to be in Aspen 100% and not even have to do the drive at all.  That day is coming though.  Soon.  How soon I don't know but I know my life here in the springs is my old life and Aspen will be my new life.  For now it is just limbo.

I met a guy at the cocktail party that we went to last Saturday night.  Really cool dude.  Apparently he was supposed to be ringing the bell to open the NYSE last week but decided to blow it off and speak in Melissa's class instead.  Anyway, really cool guy and we were talking and he asked where we were living.  I told him 1st and Francis and he got all excited that we were neighbors as he lives between 2nd and 3rd on Francis.  Of course I am cracking up in my head over all of this as he has an 8000 sq ft home and we live over a garage.  Same hood... WAY different experiences.  I actually hope to get to hang out with  him some more as he was genuinely a very cool guy.

Aspen is missing three things... a cigar shop, a good bagel shop and there is nowhere there to get a good Chicago Dog, or any good dogs at all.  Half kicking around the idea of investing in a hot dog stand and setting up shop at the base of the mountain.  It could work.

Last week I soaked and baked my leather back country ski boots in the oven.  They were a touch large but I think the operation was a success.  They are still a touch roomy but that is with just one pair of socks on but with a liner sock and rag wool sock over that, I think the fit will be perfect.  I just need to get some more climbing skins for my skis as Asia ate my old ones when she was a puppy.  I can't wait to do some XC and BC skiing when I am there.  I don't really like downhill skiing anymore but I still love just taking off and going in the woods and skiing that way.  Kicking the idea around of some winter camping this year too like I used to do way back in the day.  Ski, camp, ski some more.  Typically two days of skiing up a mountain then turn around and ski down for three hours straight to the vehicle.  

27 years ago today I left home to go to basic training.  I can't believe it was that long ago.

Used to listen to this guy a bit back a few years ago.  Heard this song on the Sat Radio in the Jeep the other day.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Aspen Chuck Severy Cross Country Challenge

The snow in Aspen this morning.
Came up to Aspen this weekend to run this race.  It is an off week/weekend so really I should be in the Springs but there is the race and I am going to a function with Melissa tonight.  Not sure if I should wear the peach or the powder blue tux though.

The drive up was okay until Independence Pass of course.  Due to the Government Shutdown, the shitters at the top of the pass are closed.  No kidding.  It is funny is a sad sort of way... Asia and I made due with the bushes.

Driving on the Aspen side of the pass was a bit dicey.  Ice mostly the first few miles down, then snow, then clear roads.  Slid a few times which caused a bit of involuntary puckering.  But past that still a good drive.

Woke up this morning to snow and cold temps in the lower 20's.  Made the decision straight up that I was not going to wear shorts.  The Chuck Severy Cross Country Challenge is a race put on by the Aspen High School Cross Country team as a fundraiser.  The course starts at the High School and meanders up towards Aspen Highlands for a bit then drops back down and loops back around.  The majority of the course was ran across snow covered fields it seemed which were mowed.  A real cross country course.  The snow was not slippery so traction was not a problem but it was deep enough that it felt like running in sand the entire time. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to run this race.  The past month has been committed 100% to MAF training but I really wanted to race this one.  When we got to the high school I spent about 20 minutes running at MAF to warm up then when the race started I just tried to keep my HR in the 160 - 165 range and just see if I could hang on for the three + miles.  and whatever speed I had was the speed that I had.  I basically looked at it as one of the tempo runs that Lucho seemed to love making me do this past summer.  Ended up running a touch hotter than that with an average HR of 167 so I know my HR was in the 170's for a good part of it.  Finished 5th overall and 1st in my age group.  Good thing I know how to run in snow!

Tomorrow will just be a bike ride.  I think I am going to ride to Basalt and back.  Next week my mileages start ramping up training for the JFK 50.  All of my training between now and then will be back exclusively at MAF again.

Put in for the HR100 this past week too.  Four tickets now.  Guess we will know how that plays out in a couple of months.  35 slots for the never started peeps and I bet there are at least 1000 who apply who fall into that category... those odds have me buying lottery tickets again as I feel I have a better chance matching the six numbers and winning than ever getting to start at the line in Silverton.

In other news... the book is selling which is kind of surreal to me.   It has me pondering about starting another project.   Knowing it is out there though is weird. It is hard to explain but there is a certain amount of vulnerability to it. 

Taking the Gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain today.  With all of the snow and changing trees I bet it is going to be mind blowing beautiful!  I am so ready to be here 100% of the time.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Book

I have been working on this project for longer than I care to admit.  I finally finished it and have self published it on Amazon for digital download.  It's not a big book, hence the title.  I don't intend to make millions and retire from the sales but I do hope that maybe, just maybe someone or a few someones, might get to read it and it will have a positive effect in their lives.

The book is spiritually based and deals with a lot of theories revolving around the Law of Attraction but goes a little bit deeper in regards to that and it really breaks down and explains the pitfalls and traps which keep us from creating that awesome life which we all deserve.

I'm no Michener or Clancy or Ruiz by a long shot but it was written with the best intentions in mind and I hope that the messages within are understood.

The book is available here for download.

In other news, headed back up to Aspen tonight for the weekend.  Running the Chuck Severy Cross Country Challenge tomorrow which benefits the Aspen High School Cross Country Team.  Should be a fun race.  Speaking of races... I still need donations for the 8th Annual Aspen Summit for Life 2013 to promote organ & tissue donation!  My goal is to raise $1000 for this race so any contributions would be awesome! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Could Be A Good Sign

Picked up my mail today from the Post Office since I had it on hold while I was in Aspen and I received a heavy envelope from the Leadville Race Series office.  Inside was a medal for the Leadville Marathon that I ran this past summer.

There was also a note that basically said that they received the feedback on the finisher mugs that people were less than enthusiastic about.   I would fall into that category as I don't drink coffee so any mug like that has really zero purpose in my life.  Anyway, they were wanting to make good and sent the medals and also offered a ten percent discount for next years race.

To me it is an interesting turn of events and I am curious to see what the race organizers look at differently now in other areas and try to fix. 

Now if they would just send my little plaque with my race finishing times for the back of my Leadman Trophy I'd be stoked! :)

The medal is on the one on the left under the tan colored mug.