Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meanwhile, back in the 80905.

Came back to the springs on Wednesday afternoon.  I tried extra hard to enjoy the drive over Independence Pass as it will more than likely be closed when I go back to Aspen on November, 6th.  Yeah... I am spending a solid 21 days here before going back up.  Because of schedules and other stuff going on I am meeting Melissa in Denver next Saturday night and we are spending the night up there.  But then I am staying here in the springs through my next rotation, then going back up on the 6th per the normal schedule.

I texted my friend William late on Thursday night telling him that it was my second night here at the house and I was already over it.


Finally hit the grocery store Thursday night.  Picked up the makings for one of my all time favorite meals which I had not had since last November, before I started the entire Paleo Diet experiment.  I promised myself that after Leadville/Leadman I would make it sometime.  Nothing fancy, just tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  With two glasses of milk!  Seriously, one of my favorites of all time and it was awesome.  

Nothing special to report this week form the running and training front.   I had short runs all week, and I took Friday off.  I rode the Greenland Gravel Grinder on Saturday and that turned out to be a 46.9 mile ride that I did in 3:53:30.  It was okay, great weather and the course was interesting enough. I still need to tweak the new saddle on the Cannondale just a smidge but overall it worked great.  I worked really hard to keep my heart rate down in the MAF zone but at times it was really a challenge.  I had to take hills really, really slow.

Today, Sunday, was supposed to be a 30 miler but I just could not do it.  I ran 18 miles first and came back to the house to refuel and get fresh bottles.  When I took off for the next 12 I really struggled to keep my heart rate down so my speed really plummeted.  When the rain started at mile 21 I said screw it and headed home.  I came up seven miles short for a total of 23 miles for the day all at MAF.

Between yesterday's ride and today's run I still feel like I had a solid weekend of training.  But today my heart and my mind were just not into it.  At. All.  I think that quitting when I did was a good idea as it kept me from digging a hole that could take me a bit to get out of.   Just more of the nuggets I learned training with Lucho... Sometimes less is more and you have to listen to what the body is telling you.  Or maybe I am just rationalizing being a pussy this weekend?

Seriously considering giving trekking poles a whirl.  The only problem is that I don't know how to use them really.  I once read where Karl Metzler said something to the effect that they make uphills so easy that it is insane.  (totally paraphrasing that)  So if anyone reads this and is well versed in using trekking poles for long races in the mountains I sure could use some pointers.  

A photo from Saturday's ride.  Thankful there isn't one of today's run! :) I do need to change out the front rings and rear cassette on this bike.  Geared too much for climbing and not enough for flat out riding. 


  1. It sounds as though we were in the same place emotionally this weekend. It is hard to stay upbeat when you are missing your best friend. And I'm not talking about Steamboat. ;-)

  2. If you learn how to use the poles, let me know. I tired them out a few days before SR as someone had told me they'd reduce leg muscle fatigue by 30% - but I kept tripping over them so decided I'd have to take a semester long class to figure out their benefits.

    Hope you have a good weekend in Denver (where I'll be down in the Springs for the state XC meet - ha).