Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Forced Break

I am still convinced that the flu shot affected me but not ruling out maybe a small cold though.  Definitely not allergies as the Claritin didn't do a damned thing this week to knock down the drainage.  My nose was running and stuff all day on Friday.  Feeling a lot better today.

Naturally I did not run on Friday.  Felt like I could but would not let myself even attempt it.  I settled for a long walk with Asia.  I am also not going to run today.  Sunday is a tentative maybe but I need to wait and see how I feel.   I seem to be less symptomatic today so maybe I am pulling out of this, whatever "this" is.  I'll know for sure in a couple of days once I start feeling better just exactly what the deal was.  Usually when I bounce back I feel so much better that when I look back at when I was feeling like crap I can really get good idea of how crappy I was actually feeling.  Weird I know.

But seeing that there could be many different things at play here I think that taking the small break is the smartest thing to do.  I'm just going to let things fall where they may while the dust settles.  It will all make sense soon enough.  A few days rest has to be better than digging a deeper hole for myself, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Off to Denver tonight to see Melissa and we are spending the night up there.   Of course I am sure that will do wonders for my outlook!  

But for I am just going to enjoy my weekend. 

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