Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Could Be A Good Sign

Picked up my mail today from the Post Office since I had it on hold while I was in Aspen and I received a heavy envelope from the Leadville Race Series office.  Inside was a medal for the Leadville Marathon that I ran this past summer.

There was also a note that basically said that they received the feedback on the finisher mugs that people were less than enthusiastic about.   I would fall into that category as I don't drink coffee so any mug like that has really zero purpose in my life.  Anyway, they were wanting to make good and sent the medals and also offered a ten percent discount for next years race.

To me it is an interesting turn of events and I am curious to see what the race organizers look at differently now in other areas and try to fix. 

Now if they would just send my little plaque with my race finishing times for the back of my Leadman Trophy I'd be stoked! :)

The medal is on the one on the left under the tan colored mug.


  1. That's cool of them to do that since they advertised the medal on the site yet didn't deliver on race day.

    I particularly like (note heavy sarcasm coming) that the SR medal, the only race I did in the series (I had a pulled rib muscle for the marathon so had to DNS), is the crappiest of them all. Well, the beer bottle opener is a nice touch, but who carries their medal around the house opening beer?

    Nice rack you got did well!

    1. Oh, decided not to be sarcastic after all and cut to the chase :).

  2. Jill, yeah the bottle opener... I just pretend it a medal and a medal alone... All of my beer comes in aluminum cans and has a pull tab... So like the coffee cup, it's superfluous.

  3. I too am waiting for the plaque to put on my trophy as I am sipping tea out of my finisher mug. We sure did rack up a few mugs this summer:) You do have a nice rack for a boy!