Thursday, October 10, 2013

My New Diet

Okay... in reality it is sort of like Atkins and Paleo... but then not really....  More just survival than caveman. 

Time is very scarce this week and I don't want to go spend a ton at the store.  I am just eating everything that is left in the house since going to the store to stock up isn't that practical.  Also since I will be gone for a few days, no need having stuff sitting around.

I told Melissa a few nights ago that I was just eating everything that we had in the fridge and pantry this week to get rid of it.  Her reply was that she was glad that I was eating the leftovers.  Of course I had to respond and disagree by telling her, "no, I am just eating what is LEFT!"

I figured the last straw will be when I open the soup sized can in the pantry without a label on it anymore.  But for a while it just remained the mystery can... the last resort.  Melissa told me they were apricot preserves the other night and to bring them up to Aspen but I said no... sounds like they might make a nice treat!  

I've even resorted to drinking a bottle or two of GNC Whey Protein powder everyday just to fill up the calorie count.  I have a jug and a half of the stuff that I need to get rid of and this is a great excuse.  Plus I like it, so no harm there.

Actually it has been an interesting experiment.  One dinner was nothing but five bratwurst covered in spicy mustard with hot pepper rings on the side.  That's kinda Paleo, right?

Today for lunch... Frozen pierogis that I know have been in the freezer longer than I want to admit publicly.  Actually they were pretty good. 

It is actually fun hitting the kitchen, figuring out what is left, and coming up with ideas.  I still have some chicken left and some hamburger patties that I put out to defrost.  A can of beanless chili and some Saltines are left too and about a half dozen eggs.

The other night when I wanted a snack I remembered there was a leftover bag of plain granola and a leftover bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard... I got a container and mixed the two together making a fun snack that lasted me a couple of days. 

But this week's "diet" kinda goes along with everything else in my life now as I am really trying to get rid of a ton of stuff and simplify.  If I don't go to the store, I don't buy a lot of crap.  If I don't buy a lot of crap I don't eat it... I'm not losing weight this week of course but I sure as hell am not gaining any!   And to be honest, this is probably the cleanest my diet has been in months!

It is just part of the living alone (part time) adaptations I am having to make.  Without Melissa and Annie here I just don't need that much around and there is really no routine.  Hell, I ran the dishwasher Tuesday for the first time three weeks I think.   

Headed up to Aspen tomorrow and Melissa and I are already planning on going to the Hickory House once I get there for BBQ.  End of the diet.

Anyway... this is my first "bigger" week of training since Leadville.  Shooting for a 66 mile week.  Back to back to back ten milers Tuesday, yesterday and today.  Ten milers don't stress me physically but do push me mentally quite a bit.  Three in row even more so.  Running a 10K with Melissa on Saturday but I need to tack on some more miles to make it a 20 mile day.  I figure I am going to run and just meet her at the start. 

Six weeks until the JFK 50.  I am starting to find ways to get more excited about it.  I still have humble goals for this one but I expect to finish well and intact.  I will be racing my favorite 5K just a few days after which will be interesting to follow up the 50 miler with.  PR'ing both would be awesome but I would not put money on it.

JFK 50 Elevation Profile.  Really it's everything after mile 17 that has me sweating.  Pancake FLAT.


  1. mmm. Pierogies. Used to have em boiled as a kid. Nuthin better - except when we fried them. Holy crap good.

  2. LOL Kiki! She is in same boat as me pretty much. Fortunately when I get back next week, PetCo is right next to King's so I will be hitting both places!

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