Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8

I will be in the springs all week this week and won't go back up to Aspen until Friday.  I talked to Melissa about it on Sunday and I just didn't have it in me to do another two day turn around after driving back to the springs last Wednesday, back to Aspen on Friday and then back to the springs on Sunday.  To go back on Wednesday wouldn't allow me enough landing time here to get done all of the things I need to catch up on here.  Of course I'd prefer to be in Aspen 100% and not even have to do the drive at all.  That day is coming though.  Soon.  How soon I don't know but I know my life here in the springs is my old life and Aspen will be my new life.  For now it is just limbo.

I met a guy at the cocktail party that we went to last Saturday night.  Really cool dude.  Apparently he was supposed to be ringing the bell to open the NYSE last week but decided to blow it off and speak in Melissa's class instead.  Anyway, really cool guy and we were talking and he asked where we were living.  I told him 1st and Francis and he got all excited that we were neighbors as he lives between 2nd and 3rd on Francis.  Of course I am cracking up in my head over all of this as he has an 8000 sq ft home and we live over a garage.  Same hood... WAY different experiences.  I actually hope to get to hang out with  him some more as he was genuinely a very cool guy.

Aspen is missing three things... a cigar shop, a good bagel shop and there is nowhere there to get a good Chicago Dog, or any good dogs at all.  Half kicking around the idea of investing in a hot dog stand and setting up shop at the base of the mountain.  It could work.

Last week I soaked and baked my leather back country ski boots in the oven.  They were a touch large but I think the operation was a success.  They are still a touch roomy but that is with just one pair of socks on but with a liner sock and rag wool sock over that, I think the fit will be perfect.  I just need to get some more climbing skins for my skis as Asia ate my old ones when she was a puppy.  I can't wait to do some XC and BC skiing when I am there.  I don't really like downhill skiing anymore but I still love just taking off and going in the woods and skiing that way.  Kicking the idea around of some winter camping this year too like I used to do way back in the day.  Ski, camp, ski some more.  Typically two days of skiing up a mountain then turn around and ski down for three hours straight to the vehicle.  

27 years ago today I left home to go to basic training.  I can't believe it was that long ago.

Used to listen to this guy a bit back a few years ago.  Heard this song on the Sat Radio in the Jeep the other day.


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