Thursday, May 31, 2012

And there goes May!

May is done and what an up and down month it has been.  302 miles for the month and that is with six days off for an average of just a little over 12 miles a day.  The grand total for 2012 now sits at 1356 miles.

The three days before today were just a huge push to get the miles in before the end of the month and to load up at the beginning of the week...  Also doing two twenty milers and one ten miler in the span of three days always works to let me know exactly where I am fitness wise.  I would have to say judging by the way things have gone the past week or so, that everything is definitely looking up.

Today however was just a super, super, super easy recovery day.  I am going to take tomorrow easy as well in anticipation of the RTP run, well the second half of it that I will be doing on Saturday.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today was an awesome day.  Kicked out a solid 20 miler more or less on a whim to see if it would be there and it was.  You know it is going to be a good run when you are on mile seven in a 20 miler and you start kicking around the idea of stretching it out to a 30 miler just for the hell of it.  Honestly it felt like I was running in somebody else's body today.  The beginning couple of miles was rough but then it just kept getting better.

Saw MIB 3 today... The Dictator was a much better movie, trust me.

Finished the day with a couple of good cigars on the patio... a great way to close out the weekend.

Everyone have a good week!

A play on one of my favorite songs... let's see if anyone gets it.  :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday's Trip

Yesterday was just an amazing day all around.  FINALLY!  And I definitely learned a couple of things in the process.  First of all, man I must have really been sick these past few weeks.  It is amazing how much better I feel now compared to just last weekend.  Being able to fully breathe again without the overall feeling of exhaustion all of the time just makes everything so much easier.  Not to mention I am not running around sounding like a two pack a day smoker all the time either.

The run, while not fast by any stretch was steady, consistent and strong throughout.  I started off slow keeping in mind it was a training run and maintained that level of effort through the day.  My goals were to cover some miles, get in a lot of time on my feet, massive elevation gains and spend as much time above 10,000 feet as I could.  All of these were met successfully.

Originally the plan was to summit the peak then drop down to the Crags then back up and over.  Once at the top though the winds made going down the back slope almost impossible.  No problem I had a plan b that I had concocted earlier in the week which was to drop back down the east side of the Peak to Barr Camp, head out towards Elk Park then come back the same way to Barr Camp then drop on down to to Manitou.    While I didn't get to do the double crossing, this was a great run and being able to hit Barr Camp every six or seven miles or so to top off water bottles etc, really made it easier.

Manitou at 5:00 a.m.  Perfectly still.

I could tell in the dark that morning that it was extremely hazy out.  What I didn't realize was that it was actually smoke.  The wind hadn't really picked up yet so the smoke remained thick throughout most of the morning.

You can see the sun burning through the smoke as it was rising.
My first real landmark when climbing Barr Trail is this rock and tree which has been there for a long as I can remember and by that I mean the 90's.  I call it Sasquatch Rock cause at low light when you first see it, it appears to be a Sasquatch peering down as a sentinel on the trail. Someday I hope to see a real one still...

The haze from the fires and smoke persisted throughout the morning.  At times the peak was hard to see.

One of the best views of the summit from the trail.
Above Barr Camp it is obvious that spring has not arrived to higher regions of the mountain yet. These aspens have yet to bud and leaf out.

No aspen leaves yet.
 Once above treline is was impossible to see Colorado Springs which was kind of neat in a way.  It made it seem like I could be on any mountaintop anywhere else in the world instead of just miles from the city.  Also as I got higher, there was more ice on the trail and I mean large sheets of ice.

Lots of ice on the trail like this.  The funny thing is that i see ice up there regardless of the time of the year, even in July.
After making the summit and deciding to bail down the east side it was nice to be out of the wind.  It was blowing so hard that just under the summit where it blocked the wind coming out of the SW, it seriously sounded like a jet roaring overhead.  I had no doubts that I made the right decision.

The run out to Elk Park was almost disturbingly clear for this time of the year/early in the season.  Where the creek flowing out of Ghost Town Hollow is usually out of its banks and you are forced to wade across or jump from clump of dry ground to another it was more that easily fordable across the small log bridge.

The effort then up to Elk Park was just a steady grind like usual with the trip after that back to Barr Camp seeming to take a lot of time as well.  When I made my final stop at Barr Camp to top off one water bottle, I got a Pepsi and sat in the rocking chair and relaxed a bit.  I only had 7.5 miles to go back down the trail to the Jeep at Memorial Park but it seemed like a really long way especially knowing that it would get warmer the further down the trail I descended.

With only about four miles left I had a quick check-in with Melissa on the phone and I started running again.  Even with 30+ miles under my belt for the day I was amazed at just how great everything felt.  Sure I was tired, no doubt but damn it if I didn't feel stronger.  I was also moving at a pace that surprised me but then again, the lower I got, with more oxygen,  it was almost effortless.  Again, I contemplated how shitty I felt when I was sick most of the month to how well I felt yesterday and the contrast was startling.

I am not feeling too trashed today so I will do some miles, easy effort to finish out the week.  All in all I have to say that my confidence is really starting to shoot up.  I don't have my speed back but I know that it will come back especially given how well a day like yesterday went.  Sub 12 in the San Juan Solstice while still not highly probable, definitely seems more possible to me today.

The course from Saturday.  Manitou to the summit. Back down to Barr Camp.  Out to Elk Park, then all the way out and back down to Manitou.  38.17 miles 13,843 feet in total elevation gain.

All of this was followed by a great dinner out downtown and wonderful night's stay at the Antler's to get away.  How is that for the first half of a three day weekend?! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

38.17 Miles... Big Day.

Manitou to the Pikes Peak Summit, back down to Barr Camp then out to Elk Park and then back to Manitou.

Friday, May 25, 2012

73 Miles

73 miles... that is how many miles I am ahead this year from this day last year.  Actually I find that statistic sorta funny considering how many days off I have been taking the past couple of months.  1258 miles this year to to date, compared to 1185 last year.   It is going to be damned tough to top out over 300 miles for May but I am going to give it my all.

Had a good run at lunch today.  A little faster than usual especially for the past two months.  It didn't feel any easier, just a touch faster.  I think that with all of the breathing issues that I have had the past two months I had really compensated by running much slower (as if that were possible) and now, that I can breathe again, I just don't have the leg speed that I was used to before.  I am not too worried about it.  I am sure it will come back. 

Should be a great weekend.  Lots of fun stuff planned.

Wyatt posted this video link on his FB page.  It is a pretty good series if you have the time for it.  You can find it here. 

I need to find another decent track that is close to home now since the CC track is so trashed.   I miss the speed workouts.  I just don't want to drive to a track... :)

Tomorrow, regardless of what I decide to run will be a huge day.  I will report on that later.

Have a good night1

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Running and Faith?

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog or runs with me knows that for some strange reason this year has been full of challenges for me running wise.  The equation has been lopsided at best... lots of effort in... not so great performances out.  There have been family, pet, personal, career and a myriad of other things interfering as well.  In a nutshell that is just life, it happens.

But lately especially with this last respiratory thing I had had going on and my slow recovery out of that it has given me time to think of this year and the past few weeks and in a way marvel at how or why I have just kept at it.  To what end am I am motivated?  Why haven't I just given up when a lot of times it even appears that is the best course of action if for no other reason for my sanity and self preservation?  What is it that as runners, really keeps us going when things get tough?

I think it has to be faith... pure and simple.  Not faith in god or a deity or anything like that but just faith that our toil will pay off in the end.  Period.  Of course that payoff is different for each runner I suppose but that mystical carrot, whatever it may be has to be out there.

For some runners, it is finishing a race of X distance for the first time. For others it is just being faster than they were a week or a season or a year ago.  For others it is possibly the chance of increasing their longevity and quality of life.  Regardless of the reason though, I don't think that we can lace up our shoes every day like we do without having at least a particle of faith that we are achieving and indeed traveling towards our goals and desired results.

Even though my progress has been stagnated this year I still believe that I am doing the good work that will someday pay off.  Be it keeping my blood pressure down, or my weight or just keeping me sane overall.  I have to believe yet that the work now will eventually lend itself to progress and improvement and I just have to accept, for now that is a slow process.  One of the largest aspects of running and faith for me is that running is truly my fountain of youth.  Sure I am getting older but as long as I can run I can still have those rare moments where I can still feel that vitality, that energy and optimism of youth.  Most of the time it is that sense of optimism that I treasure the most.  The days when everything feels great and I dare to dream the dreams that border on the impossible... Those are the rare moments that I often seek and long for.  Maybe that is MY runners high, if there really is such a thing.  And trust me... NOT getting old is very, very important to me too.  Getting older is inevitable but I never want to get old.  

I still believe that I have races and times and performances that I am still capable of and when they happen, myself and a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised.  The key point here is that I still believe that I can improve in one way or the other.

But I have to be realistic.  In a few years, (hopefully in quite a few years) I won't be able to improve.  It will just be impossible.  What then?  If I had to guess, I will still be able to have attainable goals, but they will just be slightly different.

It's gonna be easier later on to win first in my age group when, well... I am the only one in my age group that shows up that day!  How is that for a long-view based on faith?  :) 

This is sort of what I am referring to.  Talk about never giving up!  I've seen this video floating around a bit the past few weeks and what this guy did was nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Days and $15.80

$15.00 co-pay for my Dr. and .80 cents for the prescription and three days later I feel like an entirely new person!  No coughing and I don't  feel like I am completely drained all the time.  I am sleeping better and waking up in the mornings feeling rested.  Amazing! I knew that things were turning around later on Monday night when I was feeling more energized and not dragging ass like I had been for so long. 

I bought mom a pair of Hoka's for a late Mother's Day present when they got here on Monday.  I had to wait until she got here to have her fitted and she is loving them!  I hope they help her knees.  Have to give her props, she is 64 years old and basically runs a half marathon just about every weekend.... no joke! 

I plan to get out today and get a decent run in later in the afternoon.   Actually I felt like I could have ran yesterday but I figured another day off would not hurt.  I'll get back at it this week and next week should be 100%, finally!

Annie's graduation and everything else yesterday went very well.  It is so nice having Melissa home on vacation this week and on top of that having my parents visiting.  We had a nice dinner out on the patio last night and were able to enjoy the evening outside.

My parents are at the USFA Graduation today courtesy of JT who had a couple of extra tickets.  I hope they got there in time and are enjoying the day.

Had a huge haul of Non-Cuban smokes come in the mail the other day.  I finally decided enough was enough and it was time to restock the humidors!  Now I am working on procuring a couple boxes of Cohiba's and Montecristo's for the Cuban collection.  

Here is a picture of my "Cuban Humidor" which was taken the first week of November, 2008.  Basically 25 Montecristo #4's. 25 Cohiba Siglo IV's and 25 Cohiba Siglo VI's.  Lots of cigars.  Of course I have emptied it and refilled it plenty of times since then but this was basically the best inventory that this particular humidor has held.  I will probably never stock up on Siglo VI's again but I'd like to have the same quantities as before but just have Siglo II's instead of the VI's...

From left to right, Cohiba Siglo IV's, Montecristo #4's, and Cohiba Siglo VI's.

Personally there are many cigars that I think are better in quality and everything else than Cuban's, like anything from the Padron 1926 series but be that as it may Cubans just have a unique character that others just don't have.  It is almost indescribable.

Starting to get excited about San Juan... The snow meter shows no snow now at Slumgullion.  My guess is that the creeks will have already crested and receded by race day.  The only two things to maybe be concerned about now will be either heat or a storm that day.  Regardless I can't wait to get on the course again in a few weeks. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Congratulations Annie!

Today was the big day.  I don't think that I have ever been or will ever be more proud as a parent in my life as I am today.  Congratulations Annie, you did an amazing job and I am very, very proud of you.  We wish you the best as you go on to Colorado State University in Fort Collins!  We love you! 

Kindergarten Graduation, Holy Trinity, 2000.
Graduation, Coronado High School, 2012.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Week

This is a big week this week.  For my daughter Annie the biggest week of her life so far as she graduates High School tomorrow.  As much as I have wanted to deny that this is actually happening, well... I guess I just have to face it.  As a parent I could not be any more proud of everything that my daughter has accomplished, her plans for her future and overall, just how wonderful of a person and human being that she is.  I am quite confident that she is going to have the most awesome life.

But everyday for the last few months I am constantly overwhelmed with memories, each one followed by the nagging question, "That was just yesterday though, right?"  Now is truly a bittersweet time. 

Only logged 50 miles last week.  I more or less ditched Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This chest thing just is not getting any better.  On top of that I am and have just been to damned tired.  I give up.  I decided this weekend to treat this thing like any other injury.  I will not run until I am certain that it has cleared up.  I also saw my doctor this morning and he's pretty sure it is an infection of one sort or the other... so for now, ten days of horse pill sized antibiotics and hopefully it clears up.  I hope to be feeling better and running again by Wednesday.   If I am lucky I will somehow manage to shoehorn in 50-60 miles this week and feel better, 100% by next week. 

On the upside, my legs are feeling great!

I think that I need to start adjusting my expectations for the SJS 50 to be a little more realistic.  Sub 12 just isn't going to happen.  At this point just a regular old finish will suffice. I am disappointed but I just don't have the training and the speed and consistency behind me at this point to go down there and expect to do anything better than average.  I just don't have the gifts to pull off something like that unprepared.

Heard the NIN version of this song on the radio this morning but I really prefer this version better...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All in all, not a bad day!

Today is a big day, it has been a long day and it is going to be an even longer day once everything is said and done.  Nine more hours of this on-call rotation left now.

First win of the day was a free anti-virus upgrade and subscription (Norton) for my home PC.  My last subscription ran out yesterday.   If you have comcast broadband, Norton AV is actually part of your paid for services.  I didn't know that until recently.

Lydia (my sister) and I had a conference call with our attorney in Florida and everything there is moving in the right directions.  I estimate we will have everything resolved and closed out in another two months.  It is huge load off of my back stress-wise.  The lawyer that I retained is really good and as far as I am concerned worth every fucking penny.  He's waded through some real shit (literally and figuratively) for us trying to untangle and resolve the situation down there for us.  I am glad I found him.

I had a decent run this afternoon.  I only got in 17 miles and not the 20 that I wanted but I had to get back home for my on-call and I was running out of time.  Still it was a solid 17 miles, up through Sonderman Park (I risked it, and thankfully no issues today) over the Mesa, through GOG, up RRR a bit and then back the same way.  I didn't have any problems in Sonderman on the return trip either.  I won't push it though and will stay out of there for at least another month.  I have found it to be a lot more stress free for me to run up Mesa (bypassing Sonderman) and then go into the hills behind Holmes that way.  It just really reduces the jackass factor of the run.

But the run today went very well.  I was definitely feeling stronger.

Mostly today though I have just been thankful that things are coming together (or back together) in my life and the chaos and the storms of the past few months seem to be abating.  If anything today I learned that being patient these past months and just keeping at it,  meaning doing what I have to do in life everyday is finally paying off.  I've always been a firm believer that things generally take care of themselves in the end and most "problems" really if left alone, or dealt with minimally without inciting a lot of drama typically solve themselves as well and today was just the kind of day that reaffirmed all of that for me.  Patience.

Through most of the run today this song seemed very apropos... Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All of our training problems are solved!

And here is the solution!

Only if it were that easy... 

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hear That?

Hear that???  That would be the sound of Andy not coughing nearly as much as he was last week!  YAY!  Seriously, I think that I told Melissa at least twice last week that I was tempted to check myself into the hospital and insist that they don't let me out until they figured out what was wrong and or I was better.  I was beginning to suspect TB or whopping cough or something... Saturday seemed to be the last "bad" day.  I am still coughing a bit but not nearly as deep and as violent.  The added bonus is that I can actually BREATHE again!

We saw The Avengers on Friday night.  It was okay.  Movie adaptations of comic book storylines and heroes has never been my cup of tea so much but it was enjoyable enough.  There were definitely a couple of good moments in the movie that made it worth it.

Saturday I slept in, LATE.  I don't think that I started running until 12:30 or so.  My goal was grand for the day.  I blew off running on Friday for the most part, as I was still feeling tired and sick and felt like resting.  So Saturday I wanted to throw out a 30 mile effort followed by 20 on Sunday... getting a true 30/20 weekend in which I haven't done for a while.  I can always tell when I am having a good run and things are going well all-around when during a run my mind drifts off to loftier goals and future races.  Saturday I had a lot of time to think "positively" and feel good about the run.  The weather was perfect, mild, overcast and no wind...  Really a great day.  Let's just say that I was getting excited about San Juan! 

Pigged out on Sushi at AI Sushi located on Centennial Drive Saturday night.  Overall the best sushi and service we have experienced in a long time.   We usually go downtown and in the past the service there has always been atrocious but the sushi was good so it was a trade off.  Now it seems that both the sushi and the service downtown just isn't up to par so I think that AI will be our new favorite Sushi joint.  Parking is easier and you don't have to deal with all of the other nonsense which is now part of the downtown Colorado Springs experience.

Sunday's run was a mixed bag... the first ten miles or so wasn't too bad.  After that it was just about putting in the time.  Again, thankfully the weather was cool and comfortable.

Melissa and I had wanted to go camping this weekend but the weather deterred us from going.  To sort of make up for it we drove down to the Wet Mountains yesterday afternoon and hiked around.  It was snowing like crazy but also absolutely beautiful, and the silence of the woods was just amazing.  The road was gated so we could not drive all the way into where I wanted us to camp but we had a good hike with the dogs in the snow so it was still worth it.  A trip back is definitely in order.

Lots of heavy wet snow... :)
The dogs were significantly tired out.  They had fun!
 The drive out did get a bit dicey...  

All in all last week ended up being a good week overall.  I got 80 miles in with lots of vertical as planned.  Even with all the damned coughing!  Shooting for another 80 this week and I hope to be back to normal and 100% by the beginning of next week.  Like Coach Weber told me about one time a while ago... have one good training week then another and another, after a while you start making real progress and right now I am all about the progress!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not Dead Yet

Had a surprisingly good run today... from the house, up and over the Mesa, through GOG to Manitou, up Barr Trail to Barr Camp, same route back but stopped at Holmes Middle school.  Grand total of 31.1 miles, 7:05:17 with 7400+ in elevation gain.  Curious to see how tomorrow feels.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The trash don't blow far from the tailer park.

The title really has no relevance to this blog entry... I just happened to find it funny when I said last week... Anyway... on with the rest.  

It is really hard to get excited today with the weather forecast looking the way it does for the next couple of days.  Melissa and I really wanted to go camping this weekend and it would have been her first time going to this part of the state that I used to haunt all the time in the early 90's.   It sits on a broad ridge that runs for miles and miles over 11,000 feet.  Super easy running at high altitude. I've never trained there before but bowhunted there tons way back in the day.

Maybe we can make a day trip down there soon.

Going to take Melissa to King's Chef today for lunch.  That will be fun.

The motion that the attorney filed in Florida went through.  It is official, my sister and I now co-own a condo in Florida.  Lovely...

Up to just a little over 30 miles for the week today and that is with being sick and also taking Monday off.  My goal is to hit another ten miler or so today, then back to back 20's this weekend.  On the bright side, heat stroke will not be an issue.  And with it cooler out, Asia can definitely do parts of my runs with me.

The cough seems a little better today.  Not as harsh as it has been.  I also feel a little better and less beat up overall.  For the past couple of days I have been coughing so much that it has been causing headaches.  Running is miserable but after awhile it does seem to force things out and at least for a bit after a run I can breathe a little bit more easily.

I found this last night. Jeff Jones makes the absolute best homemade ultra videos hands down.  This was from last year's 2011 San Juan Solstice.  I even picked Melissa out in it at one of the aid stations and some other folks I know.  I am definitely getting excited for this race in a few weeks.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy May 10th

Not much to really say today... still coughing and wheezing which is getting more than old... Melissa was even joking last night that unless I start to feel better my training and subsequent showing or lack of in Lake City next month will definitely be a shit show...

I had a good 11 mile run last nigh from my house over the Mesa, through GOG then took the goat trail up to the water tower on RRR then down RRR to Manitou... It is even a challenge to pick up any speed on the downhills when you can't breathe.

Heard this on the radio today... I haven't heard it in a long time. I have always very much enjoyed Chris Isaak's music.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't forget to floss.

Seriously... A little known, dark and dirty secret.... Until July 14, 2008 I used to more or less regularly, habitually use smokeless tobacco... Copenhagen to be exact.  Anyway that day, was the day that I quit.  Of course with the withdrawal and everything else I had to pick up new habits.  One of them happened to be flossing. (As well as chewing gum and toothpicks.)

Anyway, today was my six month cleaning and exam appointment with my dentist.  Between the x-rays, cleaning, polishing and exam I was out of there "comfortably" in less than hour.  Pretty much like ever other dental appointment the past few years.  I attribute that mostly to flossing regularly at least twice a day in most cases, sometimes more.  I keep it at my desk, in the Jeep, in the car, Melissa's purse, hell, even in an ultra I always make sure that Melissa has floss at the aid stations.

And nowadays, they know there is a direct link between flossing and overall health, and ties between gum disease and heart disease... It just makes flossing all that much more important to me... And I love the quick visits to the dentist.  Bonus.

Speaking of being sick... today I am feeling much better.  I am still congested and a little stuffy but overall I'd say 92% better off than last Monday.   I just want to quit coughing at some point.  Forgot to add that somehow (and I really think that this happened post-run) I managed to wrench my right knee a bit yesterday.  It was still sore earlier today but feels fine now.  Taking a day off from running today just to be safe.

Definitely enjoying the rain too.  It was getting way too dry out there! 

Been eying the Hoka Stinson Evo's.... I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Such a weird week.

Definitely a weird week overall.  Being sick for half of it makes the rest of the week and getting to normal feel weird just by itself.  

The running numbers are crazy... Over 12 hours of running in four days, over 13K in elevation gain for those days yet the mileage is about 60% of what would be standard for that amount of time volume.  But since climbing is a huge focus for June's race, I think that I am on the right track.

Still gotta figure out how to get in some good altitude training the next few weeks and even more importantly, sleep as many nights up higher as I can.  Might be time to start planning some early camping trips!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

And on the third day he arose...

Albeit in a codeine induced stupor but he got his ass out of the rack nevertheless...  Why do you seek the fleet amongst the slow?

Really, what were you expecting? 

There comes a time when you start to feel better I guess that you have to take it upon yourself to proactively start moving forward towards wellness on your own.  For me that happened this afternoon.   I am still not 100% but  I do feel 1000% better than I did on Monday or Tuesday.

So I got up, got cleaned up, put away all of the illness paraphernalia by the bed and on the nightstand and grabbed the dog and went for a run.  From what I can tell I didn't miss anything while I was out... still dry as shit, elm seed pods all over the godforsaken place and the wind still ripping ass out of the south...  But I ran five miles so I can't be that jacked up, right?

I think I need some more of that cough medicine.  :)

The May initiative is now underway.   Rack up miles, drop weight, pick up some speed and go to Lake City in June ready to take it on.  I am there.

It's never good when they make you put on the gown!  Never...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May So Far

Well after being on-call Monday night I went to bed at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning after taking a dose of NyQuil and I went to sleep.  Whatever bug I had been fighting the past few days was just proving to be too much for me so I figured if I surrendered and just slept a bit that would take care of it.

More or less I slept straight through about 30 hours until Tuesday afternoon and when I did wake up I did not feel any better... actually worse.

Decided to see a Dr. today because things were not getting any better.  Came out with three scripts and I am supposed to call back on Friday if I am not any better.

The funny thing is that I have allergies, moderate to severe my entire life.  I told Melissa that this time being sick really reminded me a lot of what would happen to me when I was a kid and would end up sick and stuck in bed for days.

The Dr. thinks after poking and prodding on me for a bit today that I am really not sick per se.  It is just my allergies but since my allergies have been been causing me problems for so long now this spring and in a more intense way than usual, my immune system has kicked in to fight an infection which isn't really there causing me to feel tired, achy, etc... The same exact thing that used to happen when I was a kid but then we figured it was my allergies that wore me down till I actually did catch a cold.  Nope....

So basically I have all of the symptoms of fighting an infection but without the infection.  Crazy.  Regardless I still feel like shit.

I think it all relates to what my buddy William said about this year and this spring in particular, "Everything is just worse."  Meaning the lack of snow or precipitation, the pollen, the heat, the moths, everything... This being such an exceptional year is what has pushed my allergies to the point to where I am now, sick in bed for two-plus days straight.

Of course, no running since Saturday.  On a good note my left ankle does feel a lot better now so it has had time to rest and heal.  I had just hoped to start May off with a little bit more mileage and focus than I have had the past two days or so...

Oh, well, at least I am not contagious!  LOL!

Headed out on the dreaded second loop at Desert Rats.  This was about mile 29, not long before I dropped and DNF'd.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Economics of Poor Health

Interesting article...  Between smoking and obesity this article almost makes smoking seem to be the lesser of two evils socially because at least smokers tend to die earlier therefore costing "us" less in the long run.


That's what happens to smokers. While they do incur higher medical costs than nonsmokers in any given year, their lifetime drain on public and private dollars is less because they die sooner. "Smokers die early enough that they save Social Security, private pensions, and Medicare" trillions of dollars, said Duke's Finkelstein. "But mortality isn't that much higher among the obese."

Beta blockers for heart disease, diabetes drugs, and other treatments are keeping the obese alive longer, with the result that they incur astronomically high medical expenses in old age just like their slimmer peers.