Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't forget to floss.

Seriously... A little known, dark and dirty secret.... Until July 14, 2008 I used to more or less regularly, habitually use smokeless tobacco... Copenhagen to be exact.  Anyway that day, was the day that I quit.  Of course with the withdrawal and everything else I had to pick up new habits.  One of them happened to be flossing. (As well as chewing gum and toothpicks.)

Anyway, today was my six month cleaning and exam appointment with my dentist.  Between the x-rays, cleaning, polishing and exam I was out of there "comfortably" in less than hour.  Pretty much like ever other dental appointment the past few years.  I attribute that mostly to flossing regularly at least twice a day in most cases, sometimes more.  I keep it at my desk, in the Jeep, in the car, Melissa's purse, hell, even in an ultra I always make sure that Melissa has floss at the aid stations.

And nowadays, they know there is a direct link between flossing and overall health, and ties between gum disease and heart disease... It just makes flossing all that much more important to me... And I love the quick visits to the dentist.  Bonus.

Speaking of being sick... today I am feeling much better.  I am still congested and a little stuffy but overall I'd say 92% better off than last Monday.   I just want to quit coughing at some point.  Forgot to add that somehow (and I really think that this happened post-run) I managed to wrench my right knee a bit yesterday.  It was still sore earlier today but feels fine now.  Taking a day off from running today just to be safe.

Definitely enjoying the rain too.  It was getting way too dry out there! 

Been eying the Hoka Stinson Evo's.... I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

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  1. Andy-

    I comment for two reasons. Batman is a good second guess, but the real answer is who is under the mask. Hopefully he'll leave it posted long enough for someone to guess correctly.
    Also, as a dentist and runner, props to your flossing article. At the Brighton aid station (mile 75) at Wasatch I am excited to see may family and pacers but anticipate even more a toothbrush and a good scrubbing. Floss on!!