Thursday, May 3, 2012

And on the third day he arose...

Albeit in a codeine induced stupor but he got his ass out of the rack nevertheless...  Why do you seek the fleet amongst the slow?

Really, what were you expecting? 

There comes a time when you start to feel better I guess that you have to take it upon yourself to proactively start moving forward towards wellness on your own.  For me that happened this afternoon.   I am still not 100% but  I do feel 1000% better than I did on Monday or Tuesday.

So I got up, got cleaned up, put away all of the illness paraphernalia by the bed and on the nightstand and grabbed the dog and went for a run.  From what I can tell I didn't miss anything while I was out... still dry as shit, elm seed pods all over the godforsaken place and the wind still ripping ass out of the south...  But I ran five miles so I can't be that jacked up, right?

I think I need some more of that cough medicine.  :)

The May initiative is now underway.   Rack up miles, drop weight, pick up some speed and go to Lake City in June ready to take it on.  I am there.

It's never good when they make you put on the gown!  Never...

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