Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Days and $15.80

$15.00 co-pay for my Dr. and .80 cents for the prescription and three days later I feel like an entirely new person!  No coughing and I don't  feel like I am completely drained all the time.  I am sleeping better and waking up in the mornings feeling rested.  Amazing! I knew that things were turning around later on Monday night when I was feeling more energized and not dragging ass like I had been for so long. 

I bought mom a pair of Hoka's for a late Mother's Day present when they got here on Monday.  I had to wait until she got here to have her fitted and she is loving them!  I hope they help her knees.  Have to give her props, she is 64 years old and basically runs a half marathon just about every weekend.... no joke! 

I plan to get out today and get a decent run in later in the afternoon.   Actually I felt like I could have ran yesterday but I figured another day off would not hurt.  I'll get back at it this week and next week should be 100%, finally!

Annie's graduation and everything else yesterday went very well.  It is so nice having Melissa home on vacation this week and on top of that having my parents visiting.  We had a nice dinner out on the patio last night and were able to enjoy the evening outside.

My parents are at the USFA Graduation today courtesy of JT who had a couple of extra tickets.  I hope they got there in time and are enjoying the day.

Had a huge haul of Non-Cuban smokes come in the mail the other day.  I finally decided enough was enough and it was time to restock the humidors!  Now I am working on procuring a couple boxes of Cohiba's and Montecristo's for the Cuban collection.  

Here is a picture of my "Cuban Humidor" which was taken the first week of November, 2008.  Basically 25 Montecristo #4's. 25 Cohiba Siglo IV's and 25 Cohiba Siglo VI's.  Lots of cigars.  Of course I have emptied it and refilled it plenty of times since then but this was basically the best inventory that this particular humidor has held.  I will probably never stock up on Siglo VI's again but I'd like to have the same quantities as before but just have Siglo II's instead of the VI's...

From left to right, Cohiba Siglo IV's, Montecristo #4's, and Cohiba Siglo VI's.

Personally there are many cigars that I think are better in quality and everything else than Cuban's, like anything from the Padron 1926 series but be that as it may Cubans just have a unique character that others just don't have.  It is almost indescribable.

Starting to get excited about San Juan... The snow meter shows no snow now at Slumgullion.  My guess is that the creeks will have already crested and receded by race day.  The only two things to maybe be concerned about now will be either heat or a storm that day.  Regardless I can't wait to get on the course again in a few weeks. 

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