Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May So Far

Well after being on-call Monday night I went to bed at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning after taking a dose of NyQuil and I went to sleep.  Whatever bug I had been fighting the past few days was just proving to be too much for me so I figured if I surrendered and just slept a bit that would take care of it.

More or less I slept straight through about 30 hours until Tuesday afternoon and when I did wake up I did not feel any better... actually worse.

Decided to see a Dr. today because things were not getting any better.  Came out with three scripts and I am supposed to call back on Friday if I am not any better.

The funny thing is that I have allergies, moderate to severe my entire life.  I told Melissa that this time being sick really reminded me a lot of what would happen to me when I was a kid and would end up sick and stuck in bed for days.

The Dr. thinks after poking and prodding on me for a bit today that I am really not sick per se.  It is just my allergies but since my allergies have been been causing me problems for so long now this spring and in a more intense way than usual, my immune system has kicked in to fight an infection which isn't really there causing me to feel tired, achy, etc... The same exact thing that used to happen when I was a kid but then we figured it was my allergies that wore me down till I actually did catch a cold.  Nope....

So basically I have all of the symptoms of fighting an infection but without the infection.  Crazy.  Regardless I still feel like shit.

I think it all relates to what my buddy William said about this year and this spring in particular, "Everything is just worse."  Meaning the lack of snow or precipitation, the pollen, the heat, the moths, everything... This being such an exceptional year is what has pushed my allergies to the point to where I am now, sick in bed for two-plus days straight.

Of course, no running since Saturday.  On a good note my left ankle does feel a lot better now so it has had time to rest and heal.  I had just hoped to start May off with a little bit more mileage and focus than I have had the past two days or so...

Oh, well, at least I am not contagious!  LOL!

Headed out on the dreaded second loop at Desert Rats.  This was about mile 29, not long before I dropped and DNF'd.

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