Friday, May 11, 2012

The trash don't blow far from the tailer park.

The title really has no relevance to this blog entry... I just happened to find it funny when I said last week... Anyway... on with the rest.  

It is really hard to get excited today with the weather forecast looking the way it does for the next couple of days.  Melissa and I really wanted to go camping this weekend and it would have been her first time going to this part of the state that I used to haunt all the time in the early 90's.   It sits on a broad ridge that runs for miles and miles over 11,000 feet.  Super easy running at high altitude. I've never trained there before but bowhunted there tons way back in the day.

Maybe we can make a day trip down there soon.

Going to take Melissa to King's Chef today for lunch.  That will be fun.

The motion that the attorney filed in Florida went through.  It is official, my sister and I now co-own a condo in Florida.  Lovely...

Up to just a little over 30 miles for the week today and that is with being sick and also taking Monday off.  My goal is to hit another ten miler or so today, then back to back 20's this weekend.  On the bright side, heat stroke will not be an issue.  And with it cooler out, Asia can definitely do parts of my runs with me.

The cough seems a little better today.  Not as harsh as it has been.  I also feel a little better and less beat up overall.  For the past couple of days I have been coughing so much that it has been causing headaches.  Running is miserable but after awhile it does seem to force things out and at least for a bit after a run I can breathe a little bit more easily.

I found this last night. Jeff Jones makes the absolute best homemade ultra videos hands down.  This was from last year's 2011 San Juan Solstice.  I even picked Melissa out in it at one of the aid stations and some other folks I know.  I am definitely getting excited for this race in a few weeks.

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