Monday, May 14, 2012

Hear That?

Hear that???  That would be the sound of Andy not coughing nearly as much as he was last week!  YAY!  Seriously, I think that I told Melissa at least twice last week that I was tempted to check myself into the hospital and insist that they don't let me out until they figured out what was wrong and or I was better.  I was beginning to suspect TB or whopping cough or something... Saturday seemed to be the last "bad" day.  I am still coughing a bit but not nearly as deep and as violent.  The added bonus is that I can actually BREATHE again!

We saw The Avengers on Friday night.  It was okay.  Movie adaptations of comic book storylines and heroes has never been my cup of tea so much but it was enjoyable enough.  There were definitely a couple of good moments in the movie that made it worth it.

Saturday I slept in, LATE.  I don't think that I started running until 12:30 or so.  My goal was grand for the day.  I blew off running on Friday for the most part, as I was still feeling tired and sick and felt like resting.  So Saturday I wanted to throw out a 30 mile effort followed by 20 on Sunday... getting a true 30/20 weekend in which I haven't done for a while.  I can always tell when I am having a good run and things are going well all-around when during a run my mind drifts off to loftier goals and future races.  Saturday I had a lot of time to think "positively" and feel good about the run.  The weather was perfect, mild, overcast and no wind...  Really a great day.  Let's just say that I was getting excited about San Juan! 

Pigged out on Sushi at AI Sushi located on Centennial Drive Saturday night.  Overall the best sushi and service we have experienced in a long time.   We usually go downtown and in the past the service there has always been atrocious but the sushi was good so it was a trade off.  Now it seems that both the sushi and the service downtown just isn't up to par so I think that AI will be our new favorite Sushi joint.  Parking is easier and you don't have to deal with all of the other nonsense which is now part of the downtown Colorado Springs experience.

Sunday's run was a mixed bag... the first ten miles or so wasn't too bad.  After that it was just about putting in the time.  Again, thankfully the weather was cool and comfortable.

Melissa and I had wanted to go camping this weekend but the weather deterred us from going.  To sort of make up for it we drove down to the Wet Mountains yesterday afternoon and hiked around.  It was snowing like crazy but also absolutely beautiful, and the silence of the woods was just amazing.  The road was gated so we could not drive all the way into where I wanted us to camp but we had a good hike with the dogs in the snow so it was still worth it.  A trip back is definitely in order.

Lots of heavy wet snow... :)
The dogs were significantly tired out.  They had fun!
 The drive out did get a bit dicey...  

All in all last week ended up being a good week overall.  I got 80 miles in with lots of vertical as planned.  Even with all the damned coughing!  Shooting for another 80 this week and I hope to be back to normal and 100% by the beginning of next week.  Like Coach Weber told me about one time a while ago... have one good training week then another and another, after a while you start making real progress and right now I am all about the progress!

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