Thursday, May 31, 2012

And there goes May!

May is done and what an up and down month it has been.  302 miles for the month and that is with six days off for an average of just a little over 12 miles a day.  The grand total for 2012 now sits at 1356 miles.

The three days before today were just a huge push to get the miles in before the end of the month and to load up at the beginning of the week...  Also doing two twenty milers and one ten miler in the span of three days always works to let me know exactly where I am fitness wise.  I would have to say judging by the way things have gone the past week or so, that everything is definitely looking up.

Today however was just a super, super, super easy recovery day.  I am going to take tomorrow easy as well in anticipation of the RTP run, well the second half of it that I will be doing on Saturday.


  1. Andy: Nice work! I'm hesitant to say this, because you're a seasoned runner, but be careful in chasing after numbers, e.g., trying to hit a certain number for the week or month. I occasionally fall victim to that, but I've come to view my training in terms of rolling 7 or 14 day blocks with some rest blocks built in here or there. As I wrote on my blog a few weeks ago, the fallacy of measuring output via the calendar week is that you could have two consecutive weeks of, say, 70 miles but within those two weeks have a stretch of, say, 100 miles. I still track my weekly mileage but am devising a system of tracking via blocks.


  2. Thanks Wyatt and I completely agree. I admit to "chasing it" the past week or two but I was also trying to load up with backing down in mind, especially for SJS in three weeks. And to be completely honest, going for the number this past month was more for confidence than fitness and that worked as well. After the coughing stopped last week it has been just great to get out and run again while not feeling under the weather also. But please, in the future man if I do start posting crazy numbers call me on it... an intervention might be in order! :) Also, got some of the Udo's Oil today... took a tablespoon straight up after my workout and it was okay... I think that is how I will take, it... quick and easy and I won't forget.