Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm Running Again... Or Writing again... You Choose...

This is the Xth time I have started this write up since the beginning of the year. To be honest I just don't know what to say or write about.

I have been running again and I will be racing some this year... Simple plan, Salida Marathon, Leadville Marathon, Leadville 100. Goals... PR in each race.

Last week was my first real week of "training" in forever. I've run through the fall and early winter some but not with any serious intent or goals in mind. Anyway, last week... 55.5 miles, 4310 feet of vertical climbing, 8:56 in time. This week will look very much like last week but with maybe a bit more vert.

The last two weeks of the month will be a challenge to get training in as I will be really busy. I have all my clients stacked the next two weeks on Monday and Tuesday's. All of the other day's until the 1st of Feb I will be helping (working) the X-Games doing uphill transpo. That means about ten hours a day on a snowmobile (sled) doing laps as I take competitors up the course to the top of the half-pipe or the jumps. Besides making some extra money, there is a reason to do this and that is to get enough hours logged on a sled so that when I return to Aspen Mountain next winter, I can have a full-blown White snowmobile license with Aspen SkiCo instead of the Yellow provisional license I had last  year. It doesn't mean anything really but it will allow me to do a little bit more on the mountain during open hours when we are in snow making season again.

Some funny things about the X-Games gig... I will be on ESPN a lot, of course you won't know it's me... Secondly, I will be meeting a ton of athletes and hauling them around who are world famous I guess but I have absolutely zero clue who they are... I guess I'd recognize Sean White (maybe) but that's about it.

In other "notable news" I have been appointed (using that term very loosely) to be the chair for Aspen Elks Lodge Veterans Service Committee. I have been on the committee since last summer and was approached by the previous Exalted Ruler of the lodge about three weeks about taking over the leadership of the committee. At first I balked but after thinking about it some I decided to take it on. We had our first meeting with me at the helm last night but yesterday afternoon when I was reflecting on my path the past few months it sort of became apparent to me that me taking over things has been a long-term con that has been in the making for quite some time.

Snowboarding... eh... the only time I really enjoy it is when Melissa and I go out together and she skis. Of course now that I am "training" that will take a back seat to running and fitting everything else into life. But after being away from it for 20 years, I regained my skills rather quickly it seems as now I can do a top to bottom on Aspen Mountain and not die. I am thinking that after Salida and I am taking a little break I will get in a lot of snowboarding then.

Business with Tri Peaks Life Coaching is going well and really getting going now. I half suspect that come summer I will be renting a VERY small office and will actually be able to afford it! I got two new clients in one day last Friday... very exciting.

Running shoes... I've been wearing the Hoka Speedgoats this past month. Love the tread but I find the overall fit of the shoe to be questionable. I really want to like/ love the shoe but I am not there yet. Pros - they are light, great tread, and feel okay on my feet. Cons - Thin upper so you are going to get wet feet, and how they feel on my feet. I know I contradicted myself but they feel good and they don't at the same time, it's hard to explain but they have gotten better the more I have broken them in. They are NOT like Stinsons which I can take out of the box and run a 100 miler in with little to no break-in, that's for sure.

So there you have it... compelling, right? The name of the game between now and Feb 1 is to just get in as many miles as possible. The first week of Feb I will mix in speed work and I am hoping by then I will have a more clear picture of my fitness, strength, and speed or the lack of it...

Stay tuned...