Friday, June 1, 2012

We got some work to do now... Friday, Track.

I have had a good day overall... two hours of work this morning followed by a ton of errands, lunch with Christoph at Kings Chef, more errands and a track workout at the Holmes Middle School track.

I don't remember the last track workout I did but I know that it was with JT, it was cold as hell out and the sun was not up yet... oh yeah it was before the CC track was demolished so it definitely was a long time ago and today sort of proved that.

800m warmup, 5x1000m with 400m rbi, and 800m cool down... 4:27, 4:32, 4:34, 4:31, 4:24.

Personally if I had to run intervals I think I prefer 400's and then 800's before 1000's but I think for that fact alone I will focus on 1000's this summer.  Forget mile repeats... not going there.  Starting at five this week, next week I will do six adding one a week until I reach 10x1000m and I will just hold there for the summer.  At least that is the plan for now.  :)

I've been wanting to save this for a special occasion, like for Brooks but it seems fitting for today.  Have a good weekend!

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