Saturday, June 2, 2012


Pass the lighter!  Cubans!!!! 

Careful opening and inspection.  Everything looked solid.

Pretty damned happy... Cohibas and Montecristos.   Hard work paid off!
Today has been rough and definitely a plan B,C,D kind of day.  On-call rotation last night was insane, I didn't get any sleep and didn't even get to bed until ten this morning.  Of course for me the Ring the Peak run was definitely out... I got about four hours of sleep then we went and saw Snow White which was pretty good.  I sorta fell asleep during the movie but it was just me tired, not the movie so much.

So today is a bumming around day with the intention of knocking out a big one tomorrow.  Felt great after yesterdays track workout which was a surprise... I'll take it.  

But the great surprise today was the box that arrived... talk about something turning a frown upside down... :)

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