Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday SITREP

The fire situation seems to be getting a bit better.  Maybe that is too optimistic of a statement but for certain today the situation is not getting much worse.  They briefed earlier today that a grand total of 346 houses were lost.  Of course that number is subject to change.  My thoughts and prayers to everyone who was impacted with the loss of their homes.

Volunteered some time at ABRT this week helping with displaced animals and so forth.  Good deed for the day today was going to Wal Mart and stocking up on stuff to send to Care and Share.

I did run on Tuesday and it was on my run that I saw the fire rip up Queens Canyon before it's tragic and destructive move over the ridge... I've never seen anything like that ever.  To see flames that big and bright in broad daylight and from several miles away was just unbelievable.

Probably not going to run today.  Still recovering from SJS and not in the mood with all of the other stuff going on.  I'll start back tomorrow but I imagine that long runs are going to be a challenge the next few weeks.

I did register for the Hottest Half, Half Marathon in Dallas in August.  I figure with my luck it will be the coldest and rainiest day for that run ever.  It will be good to go down and visit friends and run.  A nice easy run for the week before LT100 at that.

Someday I will write about the SJS run and all of the things that went well that day.  I did a few different things before that while they didn't make me faster that day, definitely made things easier and more comfortable.

Hope to convince Melissa to get out of town this weekend maybe, get off of the grid and have some fun.  We'll see.

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