Monday, July 9, 2012

July So Far (Again)

Deleted my original posting by accident and it is gone.   Damnit!

So a quick recap...

Camped in Pb the past several days.  Got in 91 miles last week.  Excellent running.

Lisa and her dog Hemi camped with us.  Lisa and Melissa kicked my ass playing Sequence time and time again.  We all had fun going on runs and riding around.  Covered everything from the start/finish to TL while we were up there.

The Hoka's are still great and I love them.  I got 538 miles on the original pair and plan to retire them today.  Thankfully I have a new pair and will more than likely have to get another pair before Leadville.

I figured out my training plan and weekly mileages for between now and Leadville.  I got in 91 miles last week and I have to say that I am feeling great.  Backing off a bit this week but the then hitting it hard for the three weeks after that.

I will write more later... short week this week as Melissa and I are taking the weekend to escape reality for a bit.


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  1. And I forgot to add that Lisa and Melissa relentlessly kicked my ass playing Sequence.