Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday - Big Week Number One

HR is over... congrats to all of my friends who finished.  Seems like it was a good year with a less than average wash-out rate.  Maybe next year I will be selected... maybe.  And HK winning is pretty cool.  To win both RR and HR in same year, man, talk about extremes!

Huge shake up happening at McVerizon this week... well, the changes go into effect on Aug 1.  Basically they are getting rid of our on-call rotations (don't clap yet) and putting us on 24x7 shifts... so... I might just end up working the night shift for awhile.  Gotta hand it to the company that rewards success, accomplishment and achievement with making their employees even more unhappy.

Mileage goals for the next two weeks... 100 miles this week then 100 miles the following week.  Of course the issues in the previous paragraph could influence next weeks mileage greatly.   I was able to get in 20.5 miles this morning.  It was slow and not exciting at all but I got it done and thankfully so as I have to do some unplanned work tonight.

Headed up to Pb tomorrow night to run up there on Wednesday.  Long run #2 for the week.  On-call Thursday night then another long run I think Friday on the Peak.  Cleanup and recovery miles on Saturday and Sunday then start it all again on Monday.

Picked up another pair of Hoka's today.  Officially retiring my first pair at 575 miles.  I am now set for shoes for Leadville and beyond.  Still hate the price but damn they have been really good shoes for me.

Had a great weekend away with Melissa.  Except for dinner on Friday night we did not leave the hotel or resort once until Sunday.  Easy runs over the weekend on the treadmill and lots of naps.  I can definitely see the benefit of a treadmill now as it forces one to run "a pace" and learn that.  Maybe running more on a treadmill will help me stop yo-yo-ing so much?  Doubt it  but it is an idea.

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