Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 393 Miles

It's a new monthly PR for me.  I pulled 393 miles for July.  Not too bad.  2006 miles for the year total.  Crazy.

Started my heat training cycle today as well.  It wasn't that bad until the last mile then I really felt the strain.  Annie went with me so it was fun having her along for company.

Enjoyed the day off yesterday... Melissa started watching Game of Thrones the other day and got sucked into that entire series.  I watched part of it last night.  I think they should have renamed the series to "Game of T*ts." Seriously... Not that I am complaining.  That "Mother of Dragons" is something else!  ;)

Ready to get up to Leadville this weekend and have fun.


  1. ha! Something to think about during Pb's "Hours of Fun"-

  2. Yay I love Game of Thrones!!!!!! Its so addicting! :)