Monday, June 18, 2012

Everything is Coming Together

Just over four days until the race in Lake City and I can't wait.  Two decent runs today and both went well.  Seems as if I am either throwing everything at this race or the right elements are just in place... weight is staying down, no injuries, no cold or allergies going on, my shoe/sock combo is bombproof, I am rested, taking even more time off before the race and then traveling down there.   I've loaded up the miles, I've loaded the elevation gains in training, I even seem to be managing heat and altitude in a comfortable manner for a change.

Mentally I feel like a coiled spring and am ready to go.  My confidence is right on and along with that I know and understand just where on the course I really need to push it to get my goal time and I am even comfortable with that.  Well, I look at it this way... once up on the Divide, after Coney Peak... either I can run, or I can't... hopefully I can.

Had a fun run on section 16 tonight with Brooks.  Of course I was struggling to keep up but it wasn't as bad as normal... maybe he took it easy on me.  I did find myself stopping and walking over questionable spots on the trail like the foot bridge and one rock outcropping.  No sense jacking things up now just days before the race...

Tomorrow will be an EARLY track workout and I hope it is cooler and the wind isn't as bad up on the Mesa as it has been.  After that I am pretty much done training for the week.  Nice...

Flashed back to this today on my run.... some serious guitar sling'n in the video.

On a less positive note, I received a FedEx box from my atty in Florida this afternoon.  A lot of Dad's papers and pictures and whatnot from his condo... Not ready to open it it.  Talked to Lydia and we both agreed best to wait until after the race.  I am choosing to not deal with that stuff this week... As for the box, hell I don't know what is in there, and I never knew what he had anyway so I see no net gain opening it sooner rather than later... I'll deal with it when I get back.

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  1. Sometimes it's a nice present from the past or a good reminder. I love finding Mom's stuff here and there way after she has passed, but it has been 2 years already. Run hard, take chances!