Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Begins in Chaos Ends in Chaos.

Wow... today's track workout started off not go great and well, never got any better.  It must be a combination of the damn wind out of the south and with me being a touch tired.  It just all felt a lot more difficult today.

The original plan was 800m warmup, 8x1000m with 400m rbi, then 800m cool down... Well that is not what happened.  It looked more like this...

800m warm up
1000m #1 4:22
1000m #2 4:27
1000m #3 4:30
1400m #4 6:30 (yeah, see, added another lap on that one cause I guess I can't count.  There's that fine WV public education system for you.. told you it wasn't going well! :) )
1000m #5 4:57
1000m #6 4:46
400m cool down (Only 400 cause I didn't want to spend another hour on the !@#$@#^^#$ track!)

I am not going to read anything into this workout.  Bad days happen and I know that I am still pretty much where I want to be.  I will do a few more miles later today after work just to loosen up but for now nothing taxing until Saturday.

If you haven't seen The Dictator yet I highly recommend it... This song is definitely ear-worm grade.

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