Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Week

This is a big week this week.  For my daughter Annie the biggest week of her life so far as she graduates High School tomorrow.  As much as I have wanted to deny that this is actually happening, well... I guess I just have to face it.  As a parent I could not be any more proud of everything that my daughter has accomplished, her plans for her future and overall, just how wonderful of a person and human being that she is.  I am quite confident that she is going to have the most awesome life.

But everyday for the last few months I am constantly overwhelmed with memories, each one followed by the nagging question, "That was just yesterday though, right?"  Now is truly a bittersweet time. 

Only logged 50 miles last week.  I more or less ditched Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This chest thing just is not getting any better.  On top of that I am and have just been to damned tired.  I give up.  I decided this weekend to treat this thing like any other injury.  I will not run until I am certain that it has cleared up.  I also saw my doctor this morning and he's pretty sure it is an infection of one sort or the other... so for now, ten days of horse pill sized antibiotics and hopefully it clears up.  I hope to be feeling better and running again by Wednesday.   If I am lucky I will somehow manage to shoehorn in 50-60 miles this week and feel better, 100% by next week. 

On the upside, my legs are feeling great!

I think that I need to start adjusting my expectations for the SJS 50 to be a little more realistic.  Sub 12 just isn't going to happen.  At this point just a regular old finish will suffice. I am disappointed but I just don't have the training and the speed and consistency behind me at this point to go down there and expect to do anything better than average.  I just don't have the gifts to pull off something like that unprepared.

Heard the NIN version of this song on the radio this morning but I really prefer this version better...

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