Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All in all, not a bad day!

Today is a big day, it has been a long day and it is going to be an even longer day once everything is said and done.  Nine more hours of this on-call rotation left now.

First win of the day was a free anti-virus upgrade and subscription (Norton) for my home PC.  My last subscription ran out yesterday.   If you have comcast broadband, Norton AV is actually part of your paid for services.  I didn't know that until recently.

Lydia (my sister) and I had a conference call with our attorney in Florida and everything there is moving in the right directions.  I estimate we will have everything resolved and closed out in another two months.  It is huge load off of my back stress-wise.  The lawyer that I retained is really good and as far as I am concerned worth every fucking penny.  He's waded through some real shit (literally and figuratively) for us trying to untangle and resolve the situation down there for us.  I am glad I found him.

I had a decent run this afternoon.  I only got in 17 miles and not the 20 that I wanted but I had to get back home for my on-call and I was running out of time.  Still it was a solid 17 miles, up through Sonderman Park (I risked it, and thankfully no issues today) over the Mesa, through GOG, up RRR a bit and then back the same way.  I didn't have any problems in Sonderman on the return trip either.  I won't push it though and will stay out of there for at least another month.  I have found it to be a lot more stress free for me to run up Mesa (bypassing Sonderman) and then go into the hills behind Holmes that way.  It just really reduces the jackass factor of the run.

But the run today went very well.  I was definitely feeling stronger.

Mostly today though I have just been thankful that things are coming together (or back together) in my life and the chaos and the storms of the past few months seem to be abating.  If anything today I learned that being patient these past months and just keeping at it,  meaning doing what I have to do in life everyday is finally paying off.  I've always been a firm believer that things generally take care of themselves in the end and most "problems" really if left alone, or dealt with minimally without inciting a lot of drama typically solve themselves as well and today was just the kind of day that reaffirmed all of that for me.  Patience.

Through most of the run today this song seemed very apropos... Enjoy.

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