Saturday, June 15, 2013

Awesome Saturday...

Can't bitch about a day that starts off at breakfast at King's Chef.  Christoph joined me there and we had a good chance to catch up.

Breakfast was followed by a 24 mile run up on Pikes Peak with all elevations between 10,200 and 14,115 (It feels weird typing that number and not 14,110.)  6:24 of running with 8,419 feet of elevation gain with an average elevation of 11,688.  Got to be honest and say that the altitude kicked my ass today once above 12K.  And I have realized that my time from the summit down to 3-to-go is now what my time up from 3-to-go to the summit was at one time many years ago.  Time waits for no man as they say.  I also did the run about 30 minutes slower overall than I had hoped but I still felt like I got some quality time on my feet today.

The elevation profile for today's run.
I have heard this song on the sat radio in the Jeep twice in the past week I think.  I probably have not heard this song in decades which is funny considering this was my favorite cassette tape (yeah, pre CD) in the 11th grade.  Had it at full blast driving down the Pikes Peak Highway this afternoon... It sort of punctuated the day.  Awesome.