Thursday, June 20, 2013

Define Irony

Seven months of intense and concentrated training without any major incidents.

Kicks chair leg on way to bathroom in the middle of the night one week before first race.  Toe is all jacked up and not sure if I can even run today.


Guess I better get in line to get my helmet.


  1. You will be fine. In 2010 ( I took a violent digger 10 days before the Pikes race, probably broke a toe and screwed up a bunch of other stuff. It worked out just fine (PR).

  2. Thanks GZ. Still waiting to hear from the man on the best way to adjust for the day. I haven't taken any NSAIDS yet... but probably will soon. I can walk on it if I walk "just right" but not sure if running is the best idea today.

  3. Will taking today off change anything? Relax, dude.
    Tape it to the toe next to it on race day.

  4. btw, I was right on GZ's back flying down that descent when he face-planted. It was pretty gnarly; I had to jump over him, he went down so fast!