Thursday, October 4, 2012


In the fall while I am in this weird state of limbo and waiting to figure out my next goal or series of goals I find it best to try to establish some form or routine.  Even if my workouts are not huge and my weekly mileage is half of what it used to be, it does help me to have a plan to execute daily and weekly.

So far I have been filling my weeks with a Monday Incline workout, a Tuesday Track workout and starting this week a Wednesday Columbine Trail workout and a second track workout on Thursdays.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are not structured yet do to racing etc.  But at least every other week (Non-Fall Series Weekends) I want to get in a good long trail run of 20 miles or more.  Doing the Peak on Sunday that will take care of that for this week.

Track tonight...  One mile warmup, 6x200m with 200m RBI then a one mile cool down.  37, 39, 39, 38, 39, 38.  Who knew that 200m could hurt so damned much and take so damned long to run.  The last two had me buckled over gasping like a dying fish out of water when I was done.  

Otherwise the week is going quite well.  The weight is dropping which is a good thing and I am being consistent with the daily bike rides. I am not so jazzed about the cooler weather coming in but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Melissa came home today... I think... some woman left a ton of luggage in the living room and brought me sushi for lunch so I will just assume it was her.  I guess I will see her again as all of the luggage is STILL in the living room and she has to come back for it... so I'll let you all know. 

Channel 189 on Comcast, at 1400 the show Esto Es Insolito is on LATV.  I think that 1400 will now be my bike riding time as the show makes it a heck of a lot more bueno!

Thoughts on the debate... I'd say if it were a boxing match that Romney definitely spent the 12 rounds pushing President Obama around the ring and I don't think it had a damned thing to do with the altitude as Al Gore alluded to.  Personally I don't believe that either candidate really said or communicated anything of value but Romney definitely seemed more "in shape" than President Obama did.  It will be interesting to see how the other debates play out.

Anyway... enough serious stuff... another great classic SNL skit.

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