Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Track

Blech... nothing special but got it done.  One mile warmup, 6x200m with 200m RBI then a one mile cool down.  37, 40, 37, 39, 38, 36.  To be honest the 40 surprised the hell out of me.  I was sure that one was faster.  Guess that shows what I know.

Saw the most confusing thing today and I am still perplexed by it.  I drove past a house with Tibetan Prayer Flags adorning the porch with a vote for Romney sign in front yard.  Maybe it is just me but these things seem to be mutually exclusive, no?

Went with Larry this morning to check out the bike.  We ended up going with the 17.5in frame that they had per Larry's suggestion.  Glad I took a pro with me.  I will pick the bike up on Saturday and I can't wait.

This morning's fictional piece The Best Job Ever was a lot of fun to write out and took only like ten minutes to regurgitate.  There will be three installments for the next piece which is entitled funny enough, The Worst Job Ever. 


  1. I forgot to ask you, do you do your track work in Hokas? Also before you take that bike make them fix that saddle. That should not be an "as is" feature.

  2. Larry, I wear Hoka Stimson Tarmac road shoes for the track workout. I will follow up about the seat too. What was the fix for that?