Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HR100 Application Mailed

As is now a custom every fall I filled out and mailed my Hardrock 100 application.  This is something that to be honest I am becoming more and more ambivalent about as time passes.  Why exactly am I so disenchanted with the idea of Hardrock now I do not know. 

Maybe it is the all or nothing facet of the race.  You get in or you don't.  You finish or you don't.  And if you DNF, god-forbid, there may not ever be a chance for redemption.  Maybe it is because the drawing for this race takes place in December (which is way better than when they did it in February) which sort of puts the racing plans on hold for most of the following year.   Hell, lots of plans.  Logistically it's a big race to plan for and it asks for way more of crew and pacers than any other race demands.   

To be honest my plan B for an unsuccessful drawing result to be honest excites me more I think.  But who knows.  If I get in, I get in and I will go for certain.  It could very well be a one time shot to never happen again and I would be foolish to not attempt it or throw my name in the hat as long as I am eligible and qualify.  Enough on that.

Last nights track workout devastated me and I slept like a corpse last night.  I felt better today I think in part to a new supplement that I am trying out.  It really isn't supposed to kick in for awhile but I can't dismiss how my quads instantly felt better this morning after feeling as if they had been clubbed like a couple of baby seals for the past three days.  The one hour today on the bike on the track stand went really well.  Spent 90% of the time in the highest gear, moderate pace and except for the boredom of pedaling there were no issues like yesterday.  I did raise the seat a smidge after riding yesterday and that I think is helped the fit quite a bit.

Going to run in North Cheyenne Canyon tonight but then the track again tomorrow evening.  JT thinks that I would benefit from some shorter repeats as well.  I agree as I think that my goals for the next two months warrant that kind of work.  Running a 5K on Saturday with Melissa when she gets back and that will be fun!  Registered for the Canya Canon 6K today as well.  That is another fun one.

Maybe for my next gig I can copy Matt Foley's approach and become an ultrarunning motivational speaker!  Seriously though, this is some classic SNL where both Phil Hartman and Chris Farley were excellent.  It is well worth watching.

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