Saturday, October 6, 2012


A fun day... cold, wet and nasty for the Pawtoberfest 5K this morning but thanks to a very, extremely non-existent field pretty much I finished 7th overall and first in the 40-50 age group with a time of 23:31.  If it makes any difference there WAS a huge hill in there.

I think I found my bike.  It is a lot more than I want to spend and the discount on the bastard is about what my budget was but I tooled around on it in the shop and loved it.  It is like the damn thing wants to move on it's own.  It is a carbon fiber Trek Superfly 100 Elite SL.  Hopefully I can get some more knowledgeable eyes to take a look at it with me and help me to make the call.  Mountain bikes have come a long damned ways from the early 90's and my old reliable Trek 850 which I could ride on anything.

Climbing the peak tomorrow and leaving the Cog at 5:30.  Should be an interesting day.  Have to get home soon though cause Melissa has the first day of Fall Open House II at CC tomorrow.

Here it is, the Superfly 100.  15.5" frame that fits me with 29" tires.  It rolls like a dream.

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