Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Oakley to Petzl

Ran North Cheyenne Canyon last night.  I got a late start due to the weekly staff meeting running on and on and on with stupid questions.  Just to be safe I threw the headlamp in my small pack when I left the Jeep.

The first part of the run was tough.  Lately it seems like my breathing and  heart rate at the start of any run is very ragged and strained.  Overall just a huge shock to the system not too unlike taking a blow to the chest with baseball bat.  It didn't last long and by the time I really started to climb and things got steep I was feeling a lot better.

I couldn't help but feel that this was probably the last nice fall/after work run of the season.  The days are getting shorter way to quickly now and the temps while trying to hang on are dropping as well.  As I climbed the canyon I could see the descending clouds enveloping the ridges and peaks above.  Below and behind me I could see that the air above the city had become heavy with moisture and not nearly as clear as it had been.  Whatever weather system we were supposed to get was definitely coming in.

I also got the strangest suspicion that I could be wearing screw shoes for Sunday's race possibly. 

After turning around at the top and heading down I was so grateful that I had packed my headlamp because about halfway down the canyon I had to take my sunglasses off of the top of my head and put the headlamp on.  It made for a nice run the rest of the way down to the Jeep.

I walked the last few hundred yards to the Jeep and the air was calm with some sort of precipitation falling and starting the Jeep showed that the temperature had dropped a full 10 degrees in the time that I was gone.

Melissa and I went out after the run for drinks and I wanted to have a cigar.  When we walked outside the club the snow was blowing horizontal down Tejon street.  I wasn't ready to see that at all.  It definitely feels like summer is really over.

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