Saturday, March 31, 2012

March - 321 Miles

My cell phone was ringing and that is what woke me up from my blissful mid-afternoon siesta after the dreadfully painful pukefest of a 20 mile run that Brooks and I had today.  It was my health insurance carrier reminding me that as part of my coverage that I have access to a free health coach.  I wish I could get the CEO's telephone number and call HIM at two in the morning to inform him that my blood pressure is actually 97/62 and that he AND his health coach can both go screw themselves.

Seriously today was rough... I lost it three times coming down Barr Trail... my stomach was not happy at all today in the later part of our run.  Everything hurt the last few miles and when I say everything I mean my shoulders, arms, back, eyes, head, and not to mention that everything from my hips down just felt shattered.  WTF?  I did 30 last weekend no sweat and I BARELY got through today.  I am not sure how we do it but somehow Brooks and I have the uncanny ability to turn probably the simplest four miler into a long drawn out sufferfest.  At least we have company during it and usually a really good story afterwards.  All complaining aside today was fun and a great day to just be out.

I have had three 20 mile effort runs these past six days.  I won't get in a 30 miler this week but doing three 20's I am very happy with.  

Somehow managed to pull the March mileage out of my ass the past two weeks.   March will go down as a 321.18 mile month.  All things considered, such as my birthday, days off around the Salida race,  generally feeling blah, freaking allergies, the thing with my father, etc... 321 miles is an insanely solid number.  Last March the total was 304.This time last year the total for the year was 741 miles, this year, 828.  Nice.

Tomorrow I have to do some serious cleanup with a 12 miler to get my total of 90 miles for the week in.  I will keep it low and flat so that Melissa can ride her bike with me and we can spend the time together.  That will be fun.  Now to see what mischief we can get into this evening!

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  1. We just need to stop running together... I'm sore again today. Aargh.