Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Day and a Good End of the Week

Today just turned out to be a great day and really the saving grace for this past week.  I slept till eight then I got up and ran some errands, washed the Jeep, and went to the grocery store.  Then I spent some time in the kitchen cooking up the Swiss Steak and making some Three Bean Salad, both which would be part of tonight's dinner.

Then I mowed the front lawn, the whole time having the motorcycle idling and warming up... I put weed and feed down on the lawn again and then after cleaning up the front took the motorcycle for a quick trip around the block and that was fun!

Came back in and had eggs over the leftover nachos from The Loop and that was great... By now it was eleven in the morning and I had already had a pretty full day. 

Melissa wanted to get some accessories for her bike and I wanted to run so she rode and I ran from the house to the Criterion bike shop up by Woodman.  It is about seven miles one way. We got there and found what she wanted and while she was off looking at other stuff, I was looking for a bike that I might want.

There were some cool cyclecross bikes on the main level but they cost WAY more than I wanted to spend and could ever justify.  I still wanted a road bike.  I saw the stairs going to the upper level and where they had more bikes and I figured I would just check that out too.  When I got to the top of the stairs and was looking around I saw it... a black and white Cannondale, 54cm, single speed road bike!  I went and found Melissa and while her bike was being worked on I took her upstairs and I was shocked at first because I thought it was gone then I found it again on the rack.  She thought it was a cool bike too.  So I was able to try it out and it rode like a dream...  I was wondering how the single gear would work on a hill and it wasn't too bad.  I had the bike put on hold.

Melissa rode as I ran home... noticeably faster than the trip to the bike shop mind you... got home, cleaned up, changed and then back to the bike store.  I was pretty excited!  I missed my old bike so much and to finally get a replacement... the right bike, a bike that I wanted... it was just cool.  I have missed riding around to do errands and stuff too...  It is just such a cool bike.

We got home and then I made mashed potatoes to go with dinner and we ate.  I had downloaded my Garmin from earlier in the day and saw that I was sitting right at 92.5 miles.  I still had to run Asia for the day and I told Melissa that we were going to do 7.5 so I can round up to 100 miles for the week.  So after dinner Asia and I went up to the mesa and ran around a bit on the hills up there then came home.  It was just before sundown and the temps were perfect.  I wasn't overheated or cold and she wasn't getting too warm either.  She ran so hard tonight.

Annie came home from spring break tonight and being back east and we had a nice talk.  I look forward to seeing her later in the week and running with her.  We have been running together about once a week for the past couple of months or so and it has been just a blast.  I also need to take her shopping at REI and get her some more gear like a headlamp and water bottles/handhelds and stuff like that.  I am really looking forward to some of our longer runs and stuff this summer after she graduates and before she is off to FoCo. 

Gotta say, all things considering, and even including yesterday's ass kicking of a run... this has been the best week running since late January.  Finally things are clicking again and it feels great.   Finally.

Everything else? Eh... I'm dealing... I made my peace with stuff a long time ago and that helps a lot.  But overall the past day or so have been a lot easier than earlier in the week.  I think that finalizing the arrangement on Friday really helped a lot in taking the weight off of my shoulders and allowing me to start thinking not only about the rest of the mess but also just getting the hell on and being happy in MY life as well... Anyway, a new week... a new month... I am excited.

Desert Rats in 20 days... :)

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