Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taper Week

Thank heavens for backup plans I guess.  This week did not go at all as expected.  I had one of the worst on-call rotations in forever last night.  I spent pretty much six hours on one crisis call and had to manage three other outages back-line in the process.  Crazy.  I didn't get to sleep until eleven this morning and I slept until three this afternoon.

My goals for the day were simple... get my run in this morning, do part of Barr Trail with Annie, ride the bike for some heat training and get to REI for the last day to use my 20% coupon and my dividend to get a bike rack for the Jeep.  Actually I pulled it all off except for the long'ish run... instead of 20 or so I only got in five but I am more than okay with that.

The original mileage goal for this week that I planned months ago was about 45 miles then a few weeks ago I decided to up it to 60 just to keep me from maybe getting stale before going to Fruita... well, with work, the weather and what not, I ended up with only 45 for the week and really, I am feeling okay with at that.

For this race I am going to choose to error in the direction of rest and relaxation.  I already know that it is going to be hot and I will have to deal with that and that is fine.  I just don't wan to go to the line so overwhelmed that I can barely concentrate on what I really need to do which is run my ass off for fifty miles.  Judging by how I felt this afternoon running with Asia I think that I am on the right track.  Compared to a week before Rocky, I am maybe 1/5th as tired and stressed as I was then.

Thank god Melissa spoke up on Friday and pointed out just how f'd things were and how they were effecting me and that I seemed to be more stressed than in January... thank  god... it was the perfect reality check to force me to back up and put thing into perspective.  Thanks honey!  Without her expressing her observation I would have been less inclined to sleep so much this weekend before my on-call rotation, sleeping today and just being realistic about what I could reasonably accomplish in the time that I had these past few days. 

So I missed some miles, big deal... I am feeling great and I'll trade that for an extra 15 miles to the weekly total any time.  Well maybe not, but definitely this week!

Took Annie and Melissa to Rudy's tonight and gorged on BBQ.  Boy did I miss bread last week!  It was nice to have dinner and laugh and crack up with the two of them.   Annie even drove us!

Low miles this week...I will still work on the bike the next few days as it seems to be helping in other areas though I doubt I will benefit too much from the heat training this weekend.  The bike, it really is helping to keep my legs loosened up it seems like.

Wearing these for Desert Rats... the shiny silver color should reflect sunlight and heat right? (Joke)  I can' t wait to see how trashed they are AFTER the race.  This will be my biggest test of the 110's to date but I have a lot of faith in them.

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