Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbye April! 226 Miles

I am going ahead and saying goodbye to April today as a running and training month.  I did not run yesterday and I will not run today which is the last day of the month.  I am still dealing with this cold, I have to go go to Denver tonight to pick up Melissa and I am also on-call tonight so I really don't feel up to trying to just a cram a run in there for the sake of a getting a run in.

April turned out to be a very low mileage month for me but I am not going to worry about it.  The same thing applies to today's run... I am just not going to stress over it.  Tomorrow, May 1st, I will get serious about training for the San Juan Solstice.  I look at today and April and the reduction in miles as a break (albeit unplanned) before I start training in earnest for the June race.  I am also hoping that taking the past couple of days off and resting will  help me to get ahead of this cold and get over it sooner rather than later.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon working on a project which I can't divulge at this point.  Annie helped me and there was no way I could have finished it without her assistance.  I'll post pics of it tomorrow but I can't put anything here in case Melissa gets bored traveling  home today and decides to read my blog!  :)  Doubtful but it could happen.

Along with May comes another weight loss initiative.  From this morning's weigh-in, I need to drop ten pounds before June 23.  This basically means that anything and everything that I enjoy and has any calories to it (especially sugar) will be verboten for the next several weeks.  I have been reading about racing weight and I learned that my gain isn't exactly a disaster but now for the next few months it is imperative that I drop it in order to have a chance of reaching my goals.  For example if I were ten pounds lighter, conceivably my finish time for this past weeks 50K would have been ten minutes and 20 seconds faster... again, in theory.

Annie's High School graduation is three weeks from tomorrow!  Unbelievable.  

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