Monday, April 9, 2012

Is that what you are going to wear?

Good day today... I finally retained a decent attorney in FL to handle my business there so that headache is being taken care of.  Relief.

I had to go to ENT to get a new debit card today too.  Walked out with not only a new debit card but a 3% interest rate reduction on the Jeep loan.  Nice.  The banker Erika was trying hard to push me towards a home refi but I have my reasons for not wanting to do that quite yet.  I'll look at the numbers and maybe call her again later in the week.

I really dodged a bullet with the lower right leg, shin, tibial tendonitis thing.  It hasn't really bothered me in days.  Aggressive treatment with vitamin IB, tons of ice, compression and switching through different shoes everyday seemed to do the trick.  I feel really fortunate.

Had a solid 22.5 mile run on Saturday with Brooks.  I was actually surprised by how trashed I wasn't afterwards.  Sunday was 7.5 miles with one mile running barefoot on the grass at CC.  An easy seven plus miles today that felt pretty good as well.

Less than two weeks until Desert Rats.  Shooting for 60 miles this week as a taper week... I might do more based on how I am feeling later in the week.

I'll leave you with this craziness... I've been there firsthand... thank god for Melissa!

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