Saturday, April 14, 2012

You are not allowed to retreat!

But! You can advance in the opposite direction and that is pretty much what the past 48 hours has felt like... fall back... regroup, count and resort ammo and get ready for another assault.  Reconstitute and redeploy. 

The biggest achievement of the week, or milestone or whatever has been getting the ball rolling with the attorney in Florida.  Yesterday, Friday, I sent overnight mail an envelope full of documents and the check for his retainer that should arrive this afternoon.   Glad to have that going but the good old savings account took another hit and I really hate it when more is going out than coming in and nothing is coming in to help out so far in this situation.  So that is really frustrating me too.  Let's just say that so far I am down a new fence and getting the house painted.  Frick.

I did an easy three with Annie and Asia on Thursday afternoon.  Annie went to a swim meet and after that we headed over to CC and had dinner with Melissa who was still working at the Spring Open House.  Awesome prime-rib!

Yesterday though, Friday was a wash....  I am not going to go into all of the details but the morning was complete and total chaos which basically blew the rest of the day all to hell.  After mailing the package to the attorney I figured that I would take a nap for about an hour then go run.  Well an hour ended up being two and half hours and after I woke up I just new that I could not do it... No way would I be able to run.  So I made the command decision and I didn't.

My first day of not running since March 12th.  Can you believe that?

Seriously I think that everything the past few weeks has just caught up with me.   I had to yield.

Plan B was to get up super early this morning (Saturday) and go and do a long run.  Hell I even set all of my stuff out last night to be able to do it but when the alarm went off at 02:30, I just could not do it.  The thought of getting up and taking off in the dark and being gone for a few hours was too much for me.  Maybe some inner-genius finally proclaimed that at this point more than anything I need rest... not just physical but mental.  I went back to sleep for another seven hours and it was fantastic.

So now I am on Plan C!  Tomorrow if I am still alive after my on-call rotation ends I will go on a long run, meet Annie in Manitou then we will do our Barr Trail, LRR, UPT, time-trial which will roughly simulate our climb up and over the power line/Sugarloaf section of the LT100 course which she will be pacing me on this year. 

For today at least I am going to take it easy... work on work stuff and handle calls as they happen.   I have 128 miles in so far this month and still about thirty miles to get in between today and tomorrow.  I am in a good place training wise and can afford the break of a day or so.  Besides,  the worse thing that I could do right now is get stressed out even more about things and end up going to Fruita next week completely fried, tired and stressed.... I need to be happy, relaxed and rested and I will be!

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