Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another day off... why not?

Decided this afternoon that today will be a non-running day as well.  I will ride the bike tonight as my last pre-Desert Rats heat training workout.  I still need to eat dinner tonight, pack, and just get a lot of other things ready before we leave.

Talked to my sister today and we had a good chat.  I have been so busy this week that I was not able to check in with our lawyer in Florida.  Thankfully Lydia called them earlier in the week to see if they received the package I mailed and to ask some general questions.   I am so glad that she did that and we talked about it otherwise it would have just been one more thing that I would have not gotten done this week.

Went to the office today... rode the motorcycle and that was a lot of fun.  I am going to try to ride it more and more this year especially with the high fuel costs.

Ready to get out of here for a few days.  I need it.

We watched this last night and really enjoyed it!  The Giant Mechanical Man

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