Friday, March 23, 2012


It is Friday and I just feel crushed from the weight of the past week. Crushed. I have been super tired and with the high pollen and my allergies acting up for so long I am now starting to actually come down with a REAL ailment or two. Right now I suspect a mild ear and sinus infection. We need rain, and now.

This hasn't been the most intense allergy season for me but in terms of duration and days without any relief I think it is a new record. I've been sneezing and wheezing since the last week of February. Did I say that we need rain?

Ran with Brooks on Wednesday and we kicked out 12 miles. I did something in the first half of our run and tweaked what I think is my post-tib tendon. It doesn't hurt in my foot or ankle but a few inches above my ankle and and behind the shin bone on the inside. I am concerned because this has not bothered me in YEARS and to have it pop up like it did is rather disconcerting. Icing the hell out of it, keeping it elevated and compressed. We will see. Hopefully I can just work through it. This I don't need.

Short run this evening then a good 30 miler tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be awesome, I just hope the leg is cooperative.

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